Training tips to help prepare for your photo shoot

Video Transcript:

Sandie: Hi. So I'm here today with Debbie from Potter Paws in her training field Debbie's just hiding off camera. There she is. And she's gonna just run through a couple of quick easy training exercises that can help your dog prepare for your photo shoot. OK so here we go.


Debbie: Something you can do in the run up to your photo shoot is teach your dog to sit and stay sitting while you move away. Really really useful so that you're not in the shots, and your dog will be sitting really nicely so the photographer is able to capture their photo.

So what we're going to do is use some really yummy food. I've got sausage, cheese, chicken all of Dave's favorites. We've done quite a lot of training today so he may be a bit bored already.

We're just going to ask him to go into a sit. You can lure that with your treats, then we can take a step away and return to your dog. Each time you do it and they're successful add an extra step in before returning.

What we don't want to do is reward them when we're two or three steps away because it's encouraging them to get up and come to us to get the treat rather than to sit and wait patiently until we return.

Now practice this as much as you can, maybe every day. Every day getting a little bit further away making them sit a little bit longer before you return to them. We don't want them to get bored, so keep it short and sweet. After about four or five times practicing, you can let them have a game just release of energy.


So the other really useful thing teach him is to look at you. Our dogs naturally like to look at us because it makes them feel good. What we want to do is to teach him to do it on a cue so that when we ask them to do it, they look at us. There are a couple of ways of teaching this, for the benefit of your photo shoot, this is the easiest way. So again use chicken or cheese. I'm gonna show Dave I've got the food

I'm gonna make a finger, point to my face - he's gonna follow the cheese, when he looks and me I say good boy and let him have the cheese. I keep repeating that - we're encouraging him to follow the cheese and look at us. When he does look at us we are just telling him he's a good boy and letting him have the food.

You can practice this as often as you can in the run up to your shoot. And then once your dog is reliably looking at you every time you can say watch before you give the food. That way your dog will see this as a signal and also the word watch.

Then in your photoshoot either your photographer can ask your dog to watch or you can stand near the photographer and ask your dog to watch you, that way they are looking at the camera and we don't see the back of their head

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