Discover the Vital Questions you should be asking when it comes to trusting someone to capture your special moments

Are you thinking about taking the next step in capturing your special memories of the adventures you share together, but not sure what you should be looking for? 

Do you NEED to know those in-depth questions to ask to make sure the person you book is right for you

Hey, I know what it's like.

You really want to make the right decision when it comes to choosing a photographer to capture your most precious memories, but there are SO many out there and you don't really know what to look for to make sure they can deliver what you want.

You know it's about more than the price or a session, but you're not quite sure what else you should be asking, or what things you should watch out for that might mean this isn't the right person for you.

But what if I told you I could give you all the right questions to ask so that you can be absolutely confident you're making the right decision? 


The Insider's Guide to Getting Professional Photographs of Your Dog is here! 

Discover those all-important questions you didn't even know you should be asking - from the initial selection process right through to receiving your beautiful artwork - that are key to finding the right dog photographer for you.

Revealed - my top tips for things to look for when making your decision and the six red flags that should warn you the photographer you're looking at may not be right for you

BONUS - your free Choosing a Photographer Checklist to help you gather together all the important information and help you choose the person who's going to capture your special memories just the way you want them

Discover those all-important questions you should be asking....

If you want the absolute confidence that the photographer you've trusted to capture your special moments with your four-legged best friend is the right person, the Insider's Guide is perfect for you! It covers the key information you need, including: 

How to choose your photographer

what to ask before you book and my top tips on how to shortlist your preferred photographer

What happens during your photo shoot

All the things you need to know on the day from what to bring to what happens if it all goes wrong! 

How to make choosing your artwork a delightful experience

Avoid the pressure sale trap by asking the right questions upfront to ensure you know what to expect and make choosing your artwork an enjoyable and celebratory experience

Uncover my top tips on what to look for and the Red Flags you need to watch

This isn't just a list of questions.

You'll benefit from my years of experience in the industry with advice on what you need to consider when you ask each question, and a little insight into how I do things (which may or may not be right for you!). 

PLUS, I'll tell you about the six red flags you need to watch for that might be a sign the photographer isn't the one you should be booking - and they might surprise you! 

BONUS - Your FREE Choosing a Photographer Checklist

The Insider's Guide includes a FREE Choosing a Photographer Checklist, giving you an easy way to pull together all the information about the photographers you're considering so that you can compare what they offer and how that fits with your vision for your photo shoot.

At the end of your journey through the decision-making process, you'll have the absolute confidence that you've chosen ideal person who you KNOW you can trust to capture the amazing love and adventures you share with your four-legged best friend in the perfect way for you to treasure forever

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What My Clients Say

Angie & Ruby

Thanks Sandie for the beautiful photos of Ruby - we never dreamed she would stay in one place long enough for you to take them at 16 weeks old. But she did, after a play, a few treats and the calmness around her.

Your work is the best from set up to finished products. Thank you again, we now have photos we can treasure forever

Jess, Willis & Honey

Sandie was awesome to work with from the start. She was patient and my dogs adored her - the photographs she captured perfectly highlight my dogs' characters. It will be something to treasure forever.

She's a dog person too, not 'just' a photographer!

Debbie & Remus

Every image has been stunning and really capture the character of my boy. 

Sandie always ensures the dog is in charge, waiting for him to get to know her, not forcing him to pose and having plenty of patience waiting for him to be ready and willing to engage with the photo shoot

About Sandie

Specialist Dog Photographer & Craftsman with the Guild of Professional Photographers

Sandie is an experienced photographer specialising in dog portraiture. She is passionate about working ethically with dogs and ensuring their welfare during your photo shoot. She holds a Level 2 VTQ in Canine First Aid and is currently working towards an Advanced Qualification in Canine Body Language.

Specialist dog photographer serving Market Harborough, Lutterworth, Leicester, Rutland and surrounding villages in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire; and further afield
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