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Nov 22

Christmas Gift Guide from Sandie Powner Photography

Your 2020 Christmas Gift Guide It’s been a crappy year. I think we can all agree the pandemic has thrown everything out of whack, and so many of our plans, both personal and professional, have fallen by the wayside. I have some wonderful friends with their own businesses, all of whom have been affected in […]

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Nov 05

IOM September 2020: Two High Bronzes!

IOM September 2020: Two High Bronze Awards! So September was a bit of a last minute, frantic rush to enter – in fact I wasn’t even sure I was going to enter this time round! I already had enough points AND enough months entered to get the Photographers’ Bar, and what with a charity calendar […]

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Oct 30

Pelucchi Lends a Paw – The Making of A Charity Calendar

Pelucchi Lends a Paw – the making of a charity calendar There’s a quote I have saved on my phone, attributed to Richard Branson, that says “if someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure if you can do it, say yes and learn how to do it later”.  I personally love this quote. […]

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Sep 25

IOM August 2020: One High Bronze & Two Bronze Awards

IOM August 2020: One High Bronze & Two Bronzes 2020 is becoming a super consistent year for me with Bronzes being awarded every month so far. In some respects it has been one of the hardest years, as so far there hasn’t been too much opportunity for new shoots, meaning it’s been a hunt through […]

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Aug 25

Five places to wander with your dog

Five Places to Wander with your dog  – recommendations for dog walking in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland There’s nothing better than a nice, relaxing walk with your dog, where you can just take your time and enjoy being together. The best kind of walks are those you can take at your own pace and stop […]

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Aug 23

IOM July 2020: Two Bronze Awards!

IOM July 2020: Two Bronze Awards!July was another consistent month for results from the Guild of Photographers’ Image of the Month competition, with another two Bronzes awarded to my images! I now comfortably have enough points to be awarded the Photographers Bar for 2020, with just one more month to enter in order to qualify […]

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Aug 12

Does size matter? A guide to displaying your photos

Does size matter? A guide to displaying your photos Wall Art. It’s a scary thought isn’t it, particularly when that’s pretty much what you hear from photographers about how you “should” be displaying your photos at home. Bigger is better. Create a statement piece. It all seems to be guiding you towards going big and […]

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Jul 23

IOM June 2020: One High Bronze and Two Bronze Awards!

IOM June 2020: One High Bronze and Two Bronze Awards!It was another waltz through the archives for IOM entries this month, and I’m beginning to feel the pressure of finding images after lockdown – but the good side is that I’m considering images I might not have otherwise entered!!  I’m never sure what to expect when […]

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