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Fill your heart so full of love that you'll feel it could burst from the happy memories you share


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Your dog means the world to you, he's your best friend and you don't know what you'd do without him. You’ve been through so much together, he’s been there through tough times and made things better just by being his gorgeous crazy self.

You’ve shared some great adventures and there has been so much joy and happiness in the years you've had together. He’s completely irreplaceable and you dread the day you’ll have to say goodbye to him, because you can’t imagine your life without him in it.

You've got those special moments and adventures you've shared saved on your iPhone, but you know one day you'll have to say goodbye and you want more than a few phone shots to remember him by. 

You never want to forget what an amazing dog he is and all his quirky habits and personality. You never want those memories to fade, and you want to keep them bright and strong forever

dog photography market harborough

I remember our first dog, Tess, who joined our family when I was 7. She was such a gentle girl, our best friend, and we treasured those times we spent together, from the games we played together when she was young, to those precious times as she got older and began to slow down.

I can still remember the devastating phone-call from my Mum to tell me she’d had to have Tess put to sleep.

All we had left was a few faded photos from we were younger, and even now, they still trigger memories. I just regret that we don't have more beautiful photos to remember her by because as time has passed my once-vivid memories of Tess have faded away to just a few cloudy moments.

dog photographer Market Harborough

The fading of my memories of my first beloved dog shows us that it is so important to capture those special moments while you can, and treasure them forever.

And because I know how heart-breaking it is when you don’t have a way to keep your special memories strong and close, I want to help you capture those precious portraits of your dog’s adorable personality and unique character so that every time you see your beautiful images you'll be transported back to those special moments that you'll cherish forever

dog photography market harborough

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