Capturing the milestones of puppy's first year as part of your family

with a Pawfect Puppy Triple Package

Worried that your fleeting puppy days will pass by and fade into distant memories far too quickly? 

Now you can keep those precious early days you share together strong and close to your heart long after your puppy has grown into your beautiful best friend for life, with a Pawfect Puppy Triple Package.

When a new puppy arrives there is SO much you have to deal with – from toilet training to crate training and beginning to teach them the basic skills to stand them in good stead for life.

It’s all too easy for these slightly crazy, sleep-deprived early days with the newest member of your family to fly by in what seems like a matter of moments, and before you know it, puppy is already halfway to being full grown and all you have are a smattering of blurry, iPhone images as you’ve tried and failed to get puppy to pose.

Perhaps you just think you’ll wait until puppy is older and better behaved, even though there’s a lump of regret in your heart that you won’t have those gorgeously cute puppy moments to look back on and treasure.

Don’t despair.

You can have those precious memories of puppy’s very first days with you, the special moments that make you go “aww” and melt your heart when you look back and remember how small he once was.

With an experienced dog photographer on hand with skills and techniques learned from years of puppy portraits, the Pawfect Puppy Package gives you the expert assistance to capture those beautiful memories you want to cherish for all time and will make your heart leap with joy

There's no need to lose sleep about puppy peeing on the backdrops or chewing the props - a specialist dog photographer has seen it all before. Enjoy this celebration of those precious puppy days with the knowledge that even if those little accidents do happen, it won't detract from your crazy-happy experience of puppy's first few weeks with you.

And then, as puppy grows, you'll build a treasure trove of moments that evoke the laughter and joy of that special first year as, slowly but surely, he becomes your Pawfect companion who'll share the best adventures with you throughout your lives together. 

What's included?

The ideal option to capture those precious milestones of puppy’s first year, as he grows into a cherished member of your family, your Pawfect Puppy Triple package includes three photo shoots which take place when puppy is approximately 10-16 weeks, 6 months and one year old. Each shoot comprises: 


To set your mind at ease from all the worries you have, so you feel confident you and your dog will be happy and comfortable and enjoy your photo experience


Personally designed to capture the precious moments you want to keep strong and close forever, with a choice of At Home Studio Style, Outdoor Location and Family oriented options available


A personal service to guide you from being overwhelmed by all the different choices to feeling happy and confident you’ve chosen the best images for you to cherish


A beautifully created Luxury Show Box which we build through the year with five mounted prints from each photo shoot to remind you of your favourite memories of Puppy’s First Year

Five low resolution digital files per shoot so that you can share your puppy’s best moments with your friends

About Me.

I’m Sandie Powner, dog-crazy lady who loves nothing more than helping you capture the love, joy and adventures you share with your four-legged best friend.

As someone who’s had family dogs from a very young age, I know just how important they are as members of your family, and I want to make sure you have a way to keep those unique, precious moments close to your heart to cherish forever.

The Pawfect Puppy Triple Package

The Pawfect Puppy Package consists of three tailored photo shoot experiences to capture the special memories of Puppy's First Year as he grows into your beloved canine companion. Here's how it works: 

A Warm Welcome

When you book your Pawfect Puppy Package, you'll receive a welcome email with a link to my client portal. Here you'll find your contract and a questionnaire about your dog to complete so that I can find out all about you both!

In a few days. you'll receive your Welcome Pack through the post, which includes a Session Guide with all the information you need to prepare for your photo shoot, Product Guide with details of your artwork options, and current price list, as well as a little treat for you and your dog! 

The Experience

The Pawfect Puppy Package includes three photo shoots which take place when puppy is approximately 10-16 weeks, 6 months and one year old.

Each photo shoot is an individual experience, tailored to your puppy's character and development, and designed to capture those special moments you'll want to cherish forever. With a choice of At Home Studio Style, Outdoor Location and family oriented sessions, you can mix and match your photo shoots to create a stunning treasure trove celebrating puppy's first year as part of your family.

Your Pre-Shoot Chat

Before each photo shoot, we'll have an informal chat to set your mind at ease from all the worries you have about what will happen on the day.

As puppy grows, it's an opportunity to find out about how he's growing up and developing his personality, to let me know if there are any little characteristics you'd like to capture, and talk about any concerns you have, so you feel confident you and your dog will be happy and comfortable and enjoy your photo experience.

We can also discuss the different locations you'd like to include in your photo shoot sessions to ensure you capture all the happy, joyful memories of Puppy's first year.

On The Day

Each photo shoot is a fully tailored experience so we can capture the moments that will mean the most to you during Puppy's First Year, starting with the first session at 10-16 weeks.

I recommend the first session takes place at your home so that your puppy is somewhere safe and familiar, without the distraction of too many new smells, or the worry of being overwhelmed by other dogs and people in a public place. 

It also means puppy can have breaks whenever he needs them, and even a snooze on the backdrop if he wants to! 

Ensuring puppy is relaxed is key to capturing the moments that will make your heart leap with joy, and at each photo shoot he'll have time to relax and figure out what's going on before we encourage him to pose. There's no pressure and no time limit, so if it takes him a little longer, that's absolutely fine. 

Choosing your favourites

Your Artwork Consultation is where you'll see your images for the very first time and takes place roughly 2 weeks after your photo shoot.

This is a personal service to guide you through the image selection process using special software, stop you feeling overwhelmed by all the different choices and ensure you feel happy and confident with the images you take home.

We begin with a short slideshow showcasing your puppy's star moments from their photo shoot (you may need tissues!).

Don't worry about remembering which ones you like at this stage, because we'll go through each image individually and help you create a shortlist of your favourites. There's no rush and we can take our time to compare different options and discuss how images complement each other to show your puppy's unique character & personality.

Displaying your Artwork

Your Pawfect Puppy Package includes a beautifully created Luxury Show Box, which we build through the year with five mounted prints from each photo shoot for you to take home, as well as five social media sized digital files so that you can share your puppy’s best moments with your friends.

We can also talk through how different Wall Art and other products will work in the space you have available, with samples on hand so that you can test them out and see how they look and feel, in case you wish to add to your collection

At the end of your Artwork Consultation, you'll have absolute confidence that you've chosen the best way to display your favourite memories in your home.

But there's no need to feel pressured or obliged to order them all - every image I show you during your Artwork Consultation is kept indefinitely, so you can always add to your collection at a later date, with prices guaranteed for 12 months.

Why not pre-order an Artwork Package?

Artwork Packages are available at any time - but if you already know how you want to display your images, why not pre-order your Artwork Package before your photo shoot takes place, and save 10% off the usual price?

Artwork Packages represent some of the most popular and best value ways to display your favourite images in your home. There are options for every budget and space, so you don't need to go big with your artwork - unless you want to!

Discover the Artwork Packages (opens in new window)

Payment Options


  • Three shoot package capturing the best moments of puppy's first year
  • Luxury Show Box with 15 mounted prints included (5 per shoot)
  • Pre-book an Artwork Package & save 10% off the usual price 


  • Spread the cost over 10 monthly payments
  • Luxury Show Box & 15 mounted prints included (5 per shoot)
  • Pre-book an Artwork Package and save 10% off the usual price
  • Interest free instalments

frequently Asked Questions!

These are the most popular questions about booking your photo shoot - but if I've missed anything, let me know!

What's included in the package?

Three photo shoots taking place during Puppy's first year as part of your family, at approximately 10-16 weeks, 6 months and one year old.

Each photo shoot includes a pre-shoot chat, Artwork Consultation, Luxury Show Box with 15 prints (5 per shoot) and low resolution digital copies of your chosen images

Who is it for? 

For proud puppy owners who want to capture puppy's first year as part of your family

How much does it cost?

The Pawfect Puppy Package is £1250 or 10 instalments of £125.

Are there any extra costs? 

That's up to you - if you're happy with your Luxury Show Box and 15 prints (5 per shoot), you don't need to pay a penny more.

However, if you'd like additional prints, wall art, an album or additional digital files, these are all sold separately. We can discuss all the options at your Artwork Consultation - or if you already know what you want, why not check out the Artwork Packages now and save 10% when you pre-order? 

Any additional orders can either be paid in full on receipt of your invoice, or via an instalment plan.

Please note: the locations I suggest for your photo shoot are either free to use or I have an annual permit, but if you prefer a specific location, please be aware that any permit fees will be payable by you in addition to your booking fee.

How long does a photo shoot last?

The length of your photo shoot will depend on a number of factors, including whether it's a Studio Style or location shoot, and things like the age of your puppy and how they get on with being in front of the camera.

As a general rule of thumb, I normally advise you to allow a couple of hours per photo shoot, including any set up time.

How long does it take to get my artwork?

It normally takes 3-4 weeks from your Artwork Consultation for your artwork to be delivered to me for checking. 

If you're paying via instalments, artwork orders are delivered once the instalment plan has been completed. If you've had in full on receipt of invoice, your order will be delivered as soon as I've checked everything is correct.

What about the weather?

If your photo shoot is due to take place outdoors, there's always a chance it could be affected by the weather!

If we've got torrential rain, soaring temperatures or freezing conditions that mean it's not suitable for your photo shoot to take place, we can simply reschedule for a new date at no extra cost.

Is there a guarantee?

There absolutely is! I guarantee that you'll LOVE your images - and if for any reason you don't, I'll give you a complimentary reshoot AND I'll throw in a 10x8 Desk Frame absolutely free! 

Can I get a refund?

If you change your mind within 14 days of booking your photo shoot, you can cancel and receive a full refund. Thereafter a £50 cancellation charge will apply. This is provided that no part of your photo shoot has taken place.

If you cancel after the first or second photo shoots of your package have taken place, a pro-rata cancellation charge will be applied and the remainder will be refunded.

Additional Artwork orders are considered bespoke and therefore excluded from any right of cancellation once paid for. 

What if I need to reschedule?

If after booking, you need to reschedule your photo shoot for any reason, just let me know and we'll agree a mutually suitable date for your photo shoot to take place. 

There is no charge for the first rescheduling of any date, any subsequent reschedules may incur a £20 rebooking fee. 

Ready to book?

Simply click the button below and submit your booking reservation! I'll be in touch shortly to confirm availability and get the first shoot from your Pawfect Puppy Triple Package in the diary!

Your package includes the Luxury Show Box with 15 prints (5 per shoot) and low resolution digital copies of your chosen images. Additional wall art, albums, other products and digital files can be ordered separately

What happens next


You'll receive an email straightaway confirming that I've received your booking enquiry and will be processing it shortly


I'll be in touch to go through your booking enquiry, answer any initial questions you may have and agree a date for your photo shoot. Once we've spoken and you've confirmed you're happy to go ahead, you'll also receive the invoice for your booking fee, or instructions on how to set up your payment plan if you've chosen to pay by instalments.


You'll receive a welcome email with a link to join my client portal, which is where you'll find your initial paperwork - the contract and a questionnaire about you and your dog. These can be filled in with a few simple clicks!


Within 3-5 days you'll receive your welcome pack by post which will include your Session Guide and Product Guide, as well as a little treat for you and your dog. 


What my clients say


I've had the pleasure of Sandie photographing my dog as part of her puppy package. Beginning with a puppy shoot when my dog, Remus, was just 9 weeks old and most recently an 8 month outdoor shoot in our local woodlands. Every image has been stunning and really captured the character of my boy.

Sandie always ensures the dog is in charge and able to make decisions, waiting for him to get to know her and exploring the equipment, never forcing him to pose and having plenty of patience to wait for him to be ready and willing to engage with the shoot. We can't wait for our year old shoot to take place! I would highly recommend Sandie for all your photography needs.

Debbie Hoomum to Remus the Fox Red Labrador

Still not sure? 

STILL NOT SURE WHETHER TO BOOK? Let me 'Give You a PAW' with a 20-minute informal chat and virtual cuppa - it's absolutely FREE with no obligation or pressure to book if I'm not the photographer for you! 

P is for Personality - let's see if we get on and if we're a good fit for each other
A is for Aims - share your vision for the photo shoot and what you'd like to achieve
W is for Worries - we can talk through any concerns you may have 

At the end of the call, you'll have absolute confidence about whether a Pawfect Puppy Triple Package is right for you and your dog (or not!)

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