What happens if my dog won't behave?

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Hi it's Sandie here from Sandie Powner Photography. Today I'm going to talk about one of the most common questions that I'm asked when somebody is looking to book a dog photo shoot. That question is what happens if my dog won't behave?

So the first thing I want to say is honestly do not worry about your dog behaving. The thing to remember is for your dog this is something completely new completely different. He doesn't understand why there's some strange person there with a black box pointing it at them and flashes going off, and why he's got to sit over there instead of sitting next to you and having a cuddle like usual.

So for your dog it's all completely new completely different, and when you think of it like that, really, it's no wonder that perhaps your dog isn't going to have his listening ears on and do what you tell him a hundred percent of the time.

Part of the reason why I say that a photo shoot could last two, two and a half hours is because it may take your dog longer to settle than some other dogs. I've had photo shoots that are over within an hour and I had one shoot it was a litter shoot, in fairness, but it did last five hours.

So we are very relaxed. We take time. The most important thing is that your dog is happy relaxed and settled and then we're going to get the pictures that you're going to want to treasure forever.

So if your dog's acting up if he's not listening, if he keeps moving the most important thing is to keep calm. Just let him settle in his own time. Most of the time, once you dog has had a good sniff round figured out that nothing that exciting is happening he'll be absolutely fine. He'll just settle. It might take time. As I say some dogs take longer than others but it's nothing to worry about. And the calmer you stay the calmer your dog will be because obviously your dog is going to be reading your emotions and will react accordingly.

So what happens if they don't? Because occasionally no matter what we do your dog isn't going to be happy.

For the posed shots as you'll have seen I do quite a lot of studio style shots in people's homes. The posed shots are an example of when your dog does kind of need to settle - not always, we can work round it - but if you dog really isn't happy and not settling, then we can look at natural moments.

We can go outside to a favorite place, even get pictures with you and your dog, with him cuddled up perhaps in his favorite place instead of the studio set up. We can work with that and we can try different poses.

Most important thing, as I've said, is that your dog is happy. Poses or natural moments -they all make great photos. Some dogs won't like the lights - most most it doesn't bother but occasionally you've got a dog where you might not be able to use the lights, for example they may have epilepsy or some kind of reaction. 

Here, we can use natural light. or we can go outside. We can try different poses. We can have you in the shot if that makes your dog relax. So we'll try different things to make sure your dogs are happy.

Sometimes you might be worried that your dog's got to stay on the lead, if we're out and about. Not a problem. Photoshop is wonderful. We can take out leads fairly easily as long as I know beforehand. I can just just plan around it. So it's not a problem if your dog has to stay on a lead, particularly if he's likely to do a bunk. We don't want to spend the whole session chasing your dog around the fields!

So hopefully that has just kind of summarized a bit what we can do. If your dog doesn't behave, as I say, the key thing is to stay relaxed. Take plenty of time. No rush, no pressure. And believe me we will get those shots that you want to treasure forever. 

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