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Hi it's Sandie here from Sandie Powner Photography, and today I'm going to be talking about my style and approach to dog portraits and capturing those moments that you'll want to treasure forever.

So there are three general styles of dog photography. One is the studio style portrait which I do a lot of. I don't have a studio myself at present, so my studio portraits are all taken in the client's home and I focus on capturing the special attributes of your dog that make your dog unique and the four legged friend that you love.

There are also location shoots which are great fun to get out and about. These are great if your dog is a working dog or they just like to be outside because we know dogs love going on walks and it's great fun to capture them out in their favorite places.

The third style of dog photography is showing the dog as part of your family. Doggie photo shoots with members of your family tend to be more natural showing them interacting with you and having a great time and as part of the family.

My key approach is to capture the adorable personality and unique character of your dog. Ways I do this: to begin with when you book with me you will get a questionnaire emailed through which is a little bit long but it is all really important information. It's things about your dog whether there are any allergies, anything I need to know about such as if they're reactive, but it's also things like if your dog is a breed that has specific attributes, for example a Ridgeback has a ridge, that are important to capture during your photo shoot.

Any little things that your dog does that you would want to capture: there might be a look at the dog gives you and he's saying "Come on let's go for a walk" or "is that a bit of chicken you've got for me?" - you know that kind of look that you want to capture; and knowing what you want to get out of the photo shoot.

It's really important to me that you get what you want. You don't just want a carbon copy of a breed you want to be able to see your precious fur baby in the portraits that you fall in love with. So my main focus for the questionnaire is beginning to dig a little deeper into the things you love about your dog and what you want to get out of it.

I follow that up before the shoot with a consultation, normally over the phone, where we can have a chat about things if there's any questions that have been raised in your questionnaire that I need to ask about or anything you need to ask me. This is all in the pre-shoot consultation and this all helps me to get the information that I need to get the portraits that you're going to fall in love with.

It's really important to me that you do fall in love with with your portraits and that you want to treasure them forever because that's what you you're trying to get out of it. And so my approach is designed to get what you want. It's lso really important that the dog is happy comfortable and relaxed throughout. So those are the things that we're going to be focused on focusing on getting relaxed portraits that show your dog's true character.

If your Dog is a working dog or farm dog for example you might be able to use props that can help demonstrate this. There are some wonderful ways that, if your dog's gun dog trained for example, we can use props. If you have a gun we can use that as a prop or the the dead pheasants if you can get hold of some of those, we can use those as props to create environmental portraits which will capture your dog's character doing what they love. You can also do a photo shoot during or as part of a drive up on the moors and capture some pictures of them in action as it were.

So it's all about capturing the real personal lovable side of your pet that you want to treasure forever.

Any questions do send me an email or give me a call or if you'd like to know more do visit my website:

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Hi, I'm Sandie.

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