How to decide between studio and location shoots

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 Hi Sandie here from Sandie Powner Photography. Today I'm going to be talking about something I'm asked a lot when people are looking at a photo shoot which is how to decide between studio and location shots.

So you'll have probably seen from my portfolio that I do a lot of studio work. I don't actually have a studio myself -all these shots are actually taken within the client's home. Basically I go along and take all my equipment, set up in a space in their home and then take it all away with me again. We'll discuss some pros and cons of studio and then look at location as well.

The pros and cons of studio style and set up

PROS: It takes place in your home, which means that your dog's in a familiar location is comfortable. They tend to be more formal shots and more posed shots which may be nice if you're looking at getting wall art or something like that 

CONS: it can be limited on the different types of shot you can get. You can also be restricted by what space you have at your home.

The pros of location

Obviously there are some beautiful areas around where you can take beautiful pictures of your dog. Also you've got a lot of variety - you know  if you're outdoors you can move about a lot and we can we can look at different settings so you often get a different variety of shots.

The negatives for location

if your dog is reactive or there maybe lot of distractions if your dog is easily distracted. Obviously the weather: British weather can be very changeable and it can mean that sometimes we have to postpone. Not always. Sometimes you can get great pictures in in light rain but it may have an effect.

So those are some things to consider. The most important thing I'd say to consider is what is the best choice for your dog. Generally speaking  if your dog is happy, comfortable and in good health then either is going to be absolutely fine.

Some things to consider is if your dog is elderly - you might be looking at Twilight Days session for an older dog - they're going to be more comfortable in their own home. If they're in poor health, it may be difficult for them to go outdoors or to spend a lot of time in in that kind of environment that a photo shoot will be

My sister's old boy is 15 nearly and he just has a little mooch around the block and that's plenty of exercise for him. So for a photo shoot for him, it would probably be better to be at home in a comfortable environment. He can relax have as many breaks as he likes which is obviously the most important thing.

We talked before about if you have a working dog and you want to get those kinds of shots that reflect what your dog does. For example if that gun dog trained or if they're a farm dog then you probably want a location, environment and situation so that you can use the natural surroundings to demonstrate what your dog does.

Things to think about. I've already talked abut about elderly dogs but if your dog is particularly nervous or reactive as I've said the most important thing is your dog is relaxed and comfortable. So again a studio portrait session may be better because it means your dog will be calm. There won't be other distractions around other dogs that they may react to.

Another tip for nervous dogs, particularly if your dog is nervous of meeting new people, is it might be helpful for me to meet them before the shoot in a relaxed environment. I could come to your home, just so they have met me so it's not that everything completely new on the day of your shoot.

I hope that's helped with a few things for you to think about when deciding between studio style and location or potentially you could do a mix of both. If your home is near a convenient and good location to take photos we can do studio and then move to outdoors.

Do you feel free to drop me an email or give me a call if you'd like to discuss studio or location shoots any further, or if you have any questions you can email or check out my website for more info. 

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