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Discovering man's best friend in literature and film

Dogs are our four-legged best friends, and there are so many famous and favourite dogs in books and movies, and other popular culture. Dogs are such an integral part of our lives, and stories about dogs never fail to tug on our heartstrings.

Who didn’t bawl at Marley and Me? Or when Ol’ Yeller had to be shot? Watching that movie as a child affected me so much I’ve never been able to watch it since!

I remember how obsessed I was with the Famous Five books. George was my favourite and I so wanted to be her and have adventures like her and her dog Timmy. I tried to work out how I could make my name sound like a boys name – just like her! (Andy was the best I could come up with!) And of course I wanted a dog like Timmy.

Today I'm launching my Famous Dogs Project - discovering man's best friend in literature and film. I'll be choosing some well and lesser known dogs from famous books and films to photograph for the project, and of course I'll be sharing images along the journey.

What is the aim of the project?

I've started the Famous Dogs Project as a personal development for my own photographic skills and creativity, combining three things I love (photography, dogs and books/films). 

What breeds are you looking for?

Below is a current list of the breeds I am looking for as part of the Project. Some will be well known famous dogs that you'll recognise straight away, whereas others may be more rare! This list may change from time to time - or if there's a Famous Dog you think I've missed, get in touch and let me know!

The current breeds I am looking for are:

  • Airedale Terrier - Sandy (Annie)
  • Beagle - Shiloh
  • Bearded Collie - the Shaggy Dog
  • Bloodhound - Copper (the Fox & the Hound)
  • Bull Terrier - Bodger (the Incredible Journey)
  • Dogue de Bordeaux - Hooch (Turner & Hooch)
  • English Mastiff - Hercules (The Sandlot)
  • Newfoundland - Nana (Peter Pan)
  • ​Old English Sheepdog - Ambrosius (Labryrinth)
  • Rough Collie - Lassie
  • Show Cocker Spaniel - Lady (Lady & the Tramp)
  • Skye Terrier - Greyfriars Bobby
  • Slovak Rough Haired Pointer -Tramp (Lady & the Tramp) - or similar
  • St Bernard - Beethoven
  • Wire Fox Terrier - Snowy (Tintin)
  • Wolf-dog - Balto

What type of photos will you take?

As the photo shoot is part of my Famous Dogs Project, I will have an idea in mind of the type of shot I want to take to represent the doggy character. This will be dependent on breed and may include props or involve a specific location.

Once I have captured the shots I need for the Project, I will also spend time capturing some traditional portrait shots of your dog, so there will be plenty for you to see at your Viewing Session.

What do I get from being part of the project?

The chosen entrant will receive one social media sized digital image and a £100 voucher to spend towards Pawtraits. There is no cash alternative to this voucher.

What’s the small print?

A £25 deposit will be required to confirm your photoshoot; this may be applied towards your pawtraits or refunded after the photoshoot has taken place.

You will be required to complete a social media/advertising form which will allow me to use their images in my final project. If you choose not to sign this form or later revoke permission, you will become liable to pay the £100 voucher value to me.

You will be invited to attend a Viewing Session after their photo shoot where you can view the images taken.

What do your pawtraits / products cost to buy?

My product prices start from £125 for a 10x8 inch premium mounted print, to £1995 for my Elite Collection. Your £100 voucher is valid against any product or collection I offer, including digital files. Full pricing details are available on my website here.

Example: Your voucher and £25 deposit will cover the cost of one 10x8 inch premium mounted print. Alternatively, you could choose to order a 16 inch Standard Framed Print, which is normally £299, and your voucher reduces the price you pay to £199!

Will my shoot be indoor (studio style) or outdoor (on location)?

I expect the project to include both studio style and location images, therefore your shoot could be either of these. If your dog is nervous, or does not react well to other dogs, please let me know on the application form. This won't affect your chances of being selected, but may mean I decide to use a different location, or opt for a studio shoot rather than outdoors. 

Where will my shoot take place?

In general, the photo shoot will take place within a 20 mile radius of Market Harborough, Leicestershire. However, for the right dog I may be able to travel further afield to meet you, so please still apply if you are outside of this area. For some photo shoots there may be specific locations to create the image I have in mind, in which case the successful applicant must be able to attend this location.

How do I take part?

I will be looking for specific breeds at specific points in the year, depending on my availability and the availability of the locations for the photo shoots. These will be announced on my social media page - so make sure you're following me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date! 

If you have one of the breeds I'm looking for, please click on the "Express Your Interest" button to complete your details and I will keep you informed when I'm looking to shoot that breed.

I’ve sent an email – what happens next?

When I am looking to shoot your specific breed, I will send you an email to invite you to apply to take part in the Project. This will include a link to an application form which you will need to complete. I will also ask you to send a photo of your dog.

I will collate all the entries and select one dog to represent each breed / dog character in my project. The chosen entrant will be contacted with full details and will be asked to pay the £25 deposit to confirm their participation. If the chosen entrant no longer wishes to take part or does not pay the deposit, it may be offered to another applicant. For these reason, unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted immediately, although I will let you know in due course. 

Please note this is an ongoing project expected to take 12 – 18 months, so you may not hear from me immediately as project shoots will be fitted in around other client work. I will be announcing different breeds on a rolling basis so, if selected, you should not have too long to wait before your photo shoot.

Any other questions? - just email me at sandie@sandiepownerphotography.co.uk or call 07930 337914 and I'll be happy to help.



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