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Feb 23

Product Spotlight: Deluxe Memory Album

Product Spotlight: Deluxe Memory AlbumAlbums are always a popular choice when you want to keep ALL the images from your photo shoot, but clients often want something a little more special than a standard photo book.  I’d been looking for a quality album for some time, and discovered the Deluxe Memory Album from one of […]

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Aug 12

Does size matter? A guide to displaying your photos

Does size matter? A guide to displaying your photos Wall Art. It’s a scary thought isn’t it, particularly when that’s pretty much what you hear from photographers about how you “should” be displaying your photos at home. Bigger is better. Create a statement piece. It all seems to be guiding you towards going big and […]

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Jul 16

Product Spotlight: Fine Art Mounted Print with Frame Upgrade

Product Spotlight: Fine Art Mounted Print with Frame UpgradeNot every home will lend itself to a huge piece of artwork – I know, I live in what was originally a 17th century farmhouse, so it’s full of nooks and crannies and none of the walls are straight!! Sometimes you simply don’t have room for anything […]

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Aug 03

Product Spotlight: Fine Art Framed Wall Print

Product Spotlight: Fine Art Framed Wall PrintI think of all the products I offer, this is my absolute favourite! It exudes quality and timelessness, a high quality item and a luxurious and stunning way to treasure your favourite image. Let me introduce you to the Fine Art Framed Wall Print and find out why it’s my […]

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Jul 20

Product Spotlight: Desk Frame

Product Spotlight: Desk FrameThe Desk Frame is a beautiful, compact size at 10×8 inches, ideal as an add-on item, a gift, or to display on your shelf if you don’t have much space. It is available in a range of Premium Frame Styles to match your centrepiece wall art if you wish. Let me introduce you […]

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May 11

Product Spotlight: Premium Wall Art

Product Spotlight: Premium Wall ArtMy Framed Wall Prints are available in Premium, Fine Art and Metallic options, with the Premium being the most popular. There is a selection of frame styles so that you can choose one to suit your home.  Let me introduce you to the Premium Wall Art and why I love it so […]

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Mar 26

Product Spotlight: Classic Memory Album

Product Spotlight: Classic Memory AlbumI originally began offering the Classic Memory Album  as part of the Twilight Days Memory Package, so that people didn’t feel they had to choose between those precious memories as their dog approached the time they’d have to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. Since then it’s proven very popular, so I now […]

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Mar 15

Product Spotlight: Luxury Show Box

Product Spotlight: Luxury Show BoxI love the Luxury Show Box. It was one of the very first samples I ever got, and is probably in my top 3 favourite products overall! It’s stylish and beautiful and is a great way to display your images when space is a consideration, because not everyone has space for […]

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Feb 28

Does having a Viewing Session mean “get ready to spend”?

Does having a Viewing Session mean “get ready to spend”? After your photo shoot, we’ll schedule a viewing session where you’ll get to see your images for the first time. You’re a bit apprehensive about this – after all, haven’t we all been in the position where the salesman appears and you feel pressured into spending more […]

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