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Mar 11

Five ways to entertain your dog at home

Five ways to entertain your dog at homeIt’s pretty normal to assume that your dog will require lots of long walks and adventures outside, particularly if he’s a high energy breed such as a viszla. But did you know your dog can get just as much if not more canine enrichment through some simple activities […]

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Feb 08

Five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your dog

Five Ways to celebrate Valentines Day with your dog!Valentines Day is fast approaching – the day of the year when you celebrate with the love of your life…… that’s your dog, right? ? Here are five ideas for treating your pooch for Valentines Day:GO ON AN ADVENTURESome of the best adventures are the ones you share […]

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Jan 29

Do you walk your dog on a lead?

Do you walk your dog on a lead?I have to admit, growing up we never really thought twice about letting our dogs go off-lead.  Perhaps we were lucky that most of the farmland and footpaths around where we grew up were arable land, so we didn’t really have a lot of livestock to think about. There […]

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Dec 10

How to “dog-proof” your Christmas Part One: Deck the Halls!

How to “dog-proof” your Christmas Part One: Deck the Halls!Christmas is a time full of fun and festivities with lots going on, getting together with family, over indulging at Christmas dinner, party hats, silly streamers and more. But it’s also important to remember that all these changes can be very disconcerting for your dog – […]

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Oct 11

Autumn Advice Part Three – Bonfire Night!

Autumn Advice Part Three: Bonfire Night!Bonfire Night is probably the worst night for pet owners, particularly if your dog is nervous or scared by fireworks. Even the most well-adjusted dogs can be affected by the loud bangs and high pitches noises common with fireworks.   There is growing support for fireworks to only be available at […]

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Oct 10

Autumn Advice Part Two – Halloween!

Autumn Advice Part Two – Halloween!Halloween is great fun for kids with their costumes and of course their “trick or treat” sweets, but it may not be so much fun for your dog. Here are a few tips to keep your dog happy:​SET UP A STAIR-GATE With all the trick-or-treaters coming around, your front door is […]

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Oct 09

Autumn advice for a happy & healthy dog! Part One

Autumn tips for a happy & healthy dog! – Part OneAutumn is a great time of year for getting out and exploring, splashing in muddy puddles and kicking up leaves in the woodland. But it’s also a time of year when there are risks to your dog – from plants out and about on your […]

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