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Oct 11

Autumn Advice Part Three – Bonfire Night!

Autumn Advice Part Three: Bonfire Night!Bonfire Night is probably the worst night for pet owners, particularly if your dog is nervous or scared by fireworks. Even the most well-adjusted dogs can be affected by the loud bangs and high pitches noises common with fireworks.   There is growing support for fireworks to only be available at […]

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Oct 10

Autumn Advice Part Two – Halloween!

Autumn Advice Part Two – Halloween!Halloween is great fun for kids with their costumes and of course their “trick or treat” sweets, but it may not be so much fun for your dog. Here are a few tips to keep your dog happy:​SET UP A STAIR-GATE With all the trick-or-treaters coming around, your front door is […]

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Oct 09

Autumn advice for a happy & healthy dog! Part One

Autumn tips for a happy & healthy dog! – Part OneAutumn is a great time of year for getting out and exploring, splashing in muddy puddles and kicking up leaves in the woodland. But it’s also a time of year when there are risks to your dog – from plants out and about on your […]

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