May 31, 2022

We British love a good celebration, particularly if we get the chance to get out our bunting and have a good old-fashioned street party! This year is super-special as our wonderful Queen is celebrating 70 years on the throne for her Platinum Jubilee, and I'm sure lots of people will be keen to snap some festive photos of their dog in full Jubilee style!

Before we get into my seven FUN ideas for your Jubilee photos, it's really important to remember that your dog doesn't understand what all this fuss is about. You might think it's cute to get them all dressed up - but please do make sure you're putting their welfare first!

Most importantly, always make sure your dog is happy and comfortable to be photographed, particularly if you are using props or poses that are new or different to your dog.

Be prepared to stop if they're not happy (no photo is worth a stressed dog), change things if necessary, and ALWAYS ensure you are staying within your dog's capability in terms of poses (especially if asking them to pose on things they need to climb on to e.g. chairs)

Also make sure you're rewarding your dog - none of us likes to work for free!

So now, on to the Jubilee Photo Ideas! 


One of the easiest ways to get your Jubilee photo of your dog is to simply pop them in a seasonal bandana or bow-tie!

This is great for dogs who aren't keen on a lot of props and posing - a quick and simple snap to celebrate the day without any extra stress!


The great thing about a big national celebration is that EVERYONE has the decorations out!

Why not see what you can find on your daily dog walk - does your village hall have some flags or bunting up or maybe a local shop has a cool window display your dog can pose next to? Make sure you ask permission if appropriate (e.g. if decorations are on a neighbour's garden). 


A great one for the kids (especially as it's half term!)

Gather up those boxes waiting to go in the recycling and get creative as you make your very own royal castle! Of course every palace needs a Royal Pooch - so get yours to pose when you're done!


We all know dogs love to curl up on the sofa - so let's embrace their favourite spot!

This is another great one if your dog isn't overly keen on photos. Simply add a little bunting, a jubilee cushion or a union flag to your dog's favourite chair, and encourage them to sit or lay on the seat. Bonus points for the most throne-like chair!


There's nothing more British than an afternoon tea, so why not set up a little par-tea for your dog?

Dog-friendly cake, a cup and saucer, and a bit of bunting will create the pawfect Jubilee Street Party setting for your dog's photo! Simply set up the table and get them to sit on a chair so it looks like they're tucking in to a proper Jubilee party.

NB: I recommend using unbreakable tableware just in case!


Flags are such a versatile item to use! They can be a backdrop, you could ask the kids to sit with the flag around their shoulders and have your dog in the middle or drape them on a chair to add a subtle Jubilee theme.

But my favourite idea is this: if you have a retrieving dummy, why not attach the flag to it and get your dog to hold it - super cute shot! 


There are plenty of different doggy Jubilee outfits on sale, and these might be something you'd like to try with your dog.

The main tip here is to make sure your dog is COMFORTABLE - that their movement or breathing isn't restricted, and that they are happy to wear the outfit. Keep it short and sweet to get your photo! 

Have you got any great Jubilee photos? Come along to my Facebook Community and share your shots!


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