May 3, 2022

We all love to se the woodlands awash with bluebells in Spring, and it's natural to want to capture gorgeous photos of your dogs sitting amongst the flowers. But all too often, this results in flowers being trampled and causing lots of damage as people thoughtlessly crush them in pursuit of the perfect shot.

Aside from it not being very nice, there are some very important reasons why we should be making sure we protect bluebells in the UK.

Bluebells are a protected plant

English Bluebells are a protected plant under the wildlife & countryside act (1981). This means it is an offence to pick, dig up or otherwise remove them to sell.

Did you know almost half the world’s bluebells are in the UK? They’re relatively rare in the rest of the world.

Damage caused can cause YEARS to recover

Bluebells colonies take between 5 - 7 years to establish from seed to flower, and damage caused will take YEARS to recover because when the leaves are crushed they are unable to photosynthesise and die from lack of food

It's not ethical or environmentally friendly

Let’s be honest, if you turned up to a wood to see the beautiful bluebells, and all you saw were trampled plants & crushed flowers, you’d be disappointed and a little annoyed - so why would you do the same?

When it comes to enjoying the woodland, make sure you respect the environment and leave NOTHING behind but your thanks, so that the plants are left safely for others to enjoy.

So how do you capture those stunning ‘in the bluebells’ shots?

Don’t sit your dog in the flowers!!

Although the photos you might see look as if the dog is in the middle of the flowers, any photographer worth their salt WON'T do this. It's a combination of the right angle and a good lens to create that impression.

While it’s a lot easier to capture this with a good camera & lens, you can use a simple technique to get yourself and your dog in the right position without crushing a single flower AND get those beautiful shots you’d love to share on social media.

BEHIND THE SCENES - Remus is on one path through the bluebells - I am on a different one

THE FINISHED SHOT - Giving the impression Remus is surrounded by bluebells

How to get the perfect ‘in the Bluebells’ Shot

The 'in the bluebells' shot is a camera trick - you do NOT need to sit your dog on top of the flowers!

The secret is to find a spot with a path between two areas of bluebells and you can create those perfect images without causing any damage!

  • Simply choose the spot for your dog to pose on the path, making sure there is a good spread of bluebells on each side
  • Ask your helper to wait there with your dog while you get ready to take the shot
  • Position yourself on a parallel path so that the bluebells are between you and your dog.
  • When you get down to ground level, you'll see it looks like your dog is sitting amongst the bluebells!
  • When you're ready, get your helper to ask your dog to sit and move a little way away for you to take the photo. Your helper should be ready to call the dog to them and give a reward as soon as you've taken your photo, so that your dog doesn't run across the bluebells towards you.

Want to save this for the future?

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