April 27, 2022

I'm really pleased to say that this image was awarded a Bronze in March's Image of the Month competition with the Guild of Photographers!

Firstly, because it's the gorgeous Remus, my sister's boy and my star model (isn't he handsome?).

And also because of a few things I know that you don't about this shot!

1) It wasn't a proper photo shoot. This was taken in April last year when we were just being allowed to meet up with friends and family outdoors. We met up with my sister & her family and my mum at Stowe (socially distanced of course), and had a bit of a wander around. 

Rem was drafted in to do a little posing both amongst the spring flowers and against the backdrop of some of the architecture around the site. I took a few shots against this blue door and I really liked how it contrasted with his colouring - something a bit different to the usual 'pretty' outdoor shots! 

2) He was wearing a slip lead as it's an on-lead location for dogs! Rem is always a bit challenging when it comes to cloning out slip leads because he is a very muscular and toned dog, so it can be difficult to make the fur look right - but on this occasion I obviously did ok!

3) I absolutely love his focus in this shot, and how lovely his eyes look. He's looking at his Mum, obviously. 

My other two images were awarded Classified, which is of a professional standard but not quite good enoguh for Bronze (there's actually only a point in it!).

Sometimes entering IOM is about playing the game as much as winning awards - if you are aiming to get the Photographers' Bar by the end of the year, you need to ensure you enter enough images (24 over 8 months). I was only expecting a Classified for the shot of Rem in the bluebells, but I was disappointed by the image of Murphy in the lavender. Sadly Murphy's shot is my own fault as I missed a cloning error - what can I say, those judges are eagle-eyed!!


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