April 16, 2022


The last week has been super strange! It all started when I was playing with my brothers and sisters - we’ve been having a ball together playing rough and tumble, eating yummy foods and snuggling up together when it was nap time!

Suddenly I was scooped up and away from my brothers and sisters, and taken to a new place. It was big and scary, and I was all alone! I started to cry, and then my new Hoo-Mum gave me a cuddle and told me she loved me and it would all be ok.

I wasn’t sure though.

And when it was bedtime, I was lonely, so I cried for my Dog-Mum and siblings. I found out Hoo-Mum was sleeping on a ‘sofa’ right next to me, because she put out her hand and stroked me until I settled down again.

I love Hoo-Mum already - she’s teaching me some really exciting things like ‘Sit’ and ‘Poop outside’. I get lots of treatsies when I gets it right!!

But today, something super weird happened.

A Clicky-Lady came to my house.

I wasn’t sure what was happening - she brought lots of new smells and strange things into the room, and all these things opened up into other things! I was watching carefully because I wasn’t quite sure what she was doing (although she did give me an ear-scratch and some treatsies when Hoo-Mum said it was ok).

I had a good sniff of everything she was doing because it all looked super new and different to me.

There was a big soft thing that looked a bit like a bed, and a big dark thing that looked a bit like a wall - but it wobbled when I tried to lean on it and Hoo-Mum had to hold it up! Hoo-Mum was really sorry but the Clicky-Lady said laughed and said it was normal.

There was also a big black thing up in the air on a stick - I didn’t know what that was until suddenly it went all bright! That was super-odd and a bit scary!

The Clicky-Lady threw some treatsies on the big soft bed thing and Hoo-Mum lifted me onto it. Well, my nose got super-sniffy because those treatsies smelled yummy!

When I had sniffed out all those yummy treatsies, Hoo-Mum said ‘Sit’ - and I knew I knew that word, so I did a beautiful ‘Sit’ just for her.

I was waiting for my treatsy when Clicky-Lady made a funny noise that made me look right at her!

That thing on the stick went all bright and Hoo-Mum threw a treat to me straightaway. I was so excited, I knew I must have got it right!

I soon sussed out that when Hoo-Mum asked me to do something, the Clicky-Lady made a noise, the light went bright and then I got a treat - it was super fun! But I was concentrating SOOOOO hard that I forgot about ‘Wee Outside’ and suddenly a little wee came out on the Clicky-Lady’s big soft-bed thing - ooops!

The Clicky-Lady smiled and said all puppies have little accidents, so I was happy that I wasn’t in trouble! I ran over and gave Clicky-Lady my bestest tail-wag and she scratched my ear just where I like it.

I thought Clicky-Lady’s lap looked like a good spot for a snooze, and suddenly I was SOOO sleepy. Clicky-Lady let me have a little nap in her lap while she chatted to Hoo-Mum about me - at least I heard my name lots and lots.

Clicky-Lady said I was doing an AMAZING job and I was so happy that she and Hoo-Mum were pleased with me. I likes to make them happy!

After my snooze, Hoo-Mum took me for Wee Outside and Poop Outside and we had a little Playtime. Then we did some more ‘Sit’ and ‘Down’ on the Clicky-Lady’s big soft bed thing and I got lots of treatsies for doing so well.

I’m not quite sure why Clicky-Lady came to my house, but Hoo-Mum says I’ll see her again when I am a bit bigger.

I can’t wait - I hope there are more treats!

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