April 12, 2022

One of the things people sometimes find disconcerting is how early in the process I start talking about Artwork.

They think this is a decision for afterwards, once they’ve seen the images from their photo shoot - but the reality is that you should be thinking about how you want to display your images right from the start of the process.

But wait, I hear you say, how do I know what I want when I haven’t seen the photos?

Don’t worry - I’m not going to hold you to anything you mention in the early planning stages. But having an idea of what you want to end up with really helps with what we do on the day of your photo shoot.

Perhaps you want two matching wall art frames of your two dogs, both in a sitting position. If I know this ahead of time, I can ensure that we capture complimentary poses of both dogs to suit the vision you have.

Or maybe you love the versatility of the Luxury Show Box, so you want to make sure you have a good variety of different poses and scenes to capture all those special moments that really illustrate the unique character of your four-legged best friend.

You see, here’s the thing.

Choosing the best way to display your favourite images and celebrate your most precious memories shouldn’t be an afterthought. It’s an integral part of the photo shoot experience, and that’s why it’s something we discuss every step of the way.

Before Booking

Believe it or not, the first consideration for different artwork options comes right at the start of the process, before you’ve even made your booking!

The reason for this is that, depending on whether you opt for a Bespoke Experience or a Limited Edition Session, some artwork will be included in your initial booking fee, so it makes sense to have a think about what’s included and if that’s the right decision to make for you.

Not to worry if the included artwork isn’t quite what you want, all options can be upgraded or switched out if you’d prefer something else, with you paying any difference in price on the A La Carte price list.

Alternatively, if you already know you want a very specific type of artwork, let me know and I can tailor-make a Bespoke Photo Shoot Package just for you, including exactly what you want!

Before your Photo Shoot

I love to hear about any initial ideas you have for how you’d like to display your images - even if it’s just the vaguest of thoughts at present. For example, you might have a specific spot at home that you’d like to use, and that might determine the type of artwork you choose.

Nothing is set in stone, but it’s always useful to hear about any ideas you have so that I can ensure we capture those moments - even if you completely change your mind later on!

On the Day

As well as capturing your special moments, when we meet on the day of your photo shoot, it’s also an opportunity for you to have a look at my product samples, check out the quality and have a good touch and feel of them so that you know exactly what the finished work will look like.

This is another point when you may change your mind - particularly if you see something that you hadn’t considered as an option - but it’s all part of the process to ensure that you’re making the decision that’s right for YOU.

Seeing your images for the first time

And finally we reach the point at which many people think considerations about artwork begin - but actually it’s right at the end of the process!

By this point, you’ll have considered some initial ideas, changed your mind a few times, seen the product samples, changed your mind again, had doubts, and FINALLY you get to view your images and make a decision.

It’s scary, right?

The way your images are revealed for the first time depends on the type of photo shoot you’ve booked. Bespoke Experiences have an Artwork Consultation with me included as standard, whereas Limited Edition Sessions have access to an Online Gallery for image selection and ordering.

Online Gallery

The Online Gallery is included as standard for all Limited Edition Sessions, and allows you to view and select the images for your included products independently, as well as purchase any additional items or choose from different upgrades.

Each Artwork option is described in the online store, with sample photos available for you to refresh your memory, and full instructions on how to order are sent by email with your access details.

If you’d like a little more guidance and support in choosing your images following your Limited Edition Session, you can upgrade to an Artwork Consultation for a fixed £25 fee, which is deducted from your invoice if you go on to place a product order (in addition to your included items).

Artwork Consultation 

The Artwork Consultation is a personalised service to help you feel confident that you are taking home the images you absolutely love - whether that's one, ten or all of them - and know that you're displaying them in a way that makes your heart leap with joy.

It is included as standard with all Bespoke Experiences and is available as an optional upgrade for Limited Edition Sessions.

Taking place on a live Zoom Call, we begin with a short slideshow showcasing your dog’s best moments from their photo shoot (you may need tissues!). Then, we’ll go through each image individually and help you create a shortlist of your favourites. There’s no rush and we can take our time to compare different options and discuss how images complement each other to show your dog’s adorable personality.

We can talk through how different Wall Art and other products will work in the space you have and consider which images work together to suit your decor and your budget, with no pressure to buy more than you want to.

At the end of your Artwork Consultation, you’ll have absolute confidence that you’ve chosen the best way to display your images in your home.

What if my budget doesn’t match what I’ve fallen in love with?

Hey, I get it, Sometimes however much we want something, we just HAVE to be sensible with what we can afford. The last thing I want is for your joy over the beautiful moments we’ve captured with your dog to be tainted by regret or worry because you’ve spent too much.

But I have good news for you.

Firstly, with ALL product orders you have the option to pay by instalments, if spreading the costs will make things easier for you. The number of instalments is normally up to a maximum of 6 months, but this can be flexible if you’d like to spread the cost over a couple more instalments.

There’s absolutely no extra charge for this option, and your products will be delivered as soon as your payment plan is complete.

Secondly, I ALWAYS keep every image I’ve shown you indefinitely, which means they’ll always be there if the time isn’t right just now, but you’d like to purchase more at a later date. So you never need to feel any pressure to spend more than you’ve comfortable with.

In addition, prices are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of your photo shoot, and thereafter you’ll just pay whatever the current price is on my A La Carte price list.

Any questions? Just comment below or email sandie@sandiepownerphotography.co.uk


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