March 15, 2022

There's nothing so adorable as a cute puppy - and the gorgeous Fred was no exception!!

I was absolutely thrilled to meet this little chap at his puppy photo shoot in November, when he was 14 weeks old. He was also super fluffy and cute - looking just like a polar bear cub!

Fred has a very important job to do when he grows up, as he is going to become an assistance dog for his oldest human sister, who is autistic and has anxiety. He'll be able to help her access the world more fully and support her in her daily life.

But for now, Fred is being owner-trained by his Mum, who is an IMDT dog trainer (and she's also my sister, so I'm really looking forward to seeing Fred grow up!)

He's already begun getting used to everyday situations than an assistance dog would expect to face, including learning how to settle in a restaurant, what happens in shops and how to travel on the train. 

Fred took time out of his busy schedule to tell me a bit about himself and what he thought of his photo shoot: 

How did you originally come to live with your humans?
I came from my breeder 

What's your favourite toy?
Any soft toy is good although I do like plastic cups too - its fun to push them around with my paw and chase them

What would your human say is the naughtiest thing you've done?
Dug up mums flowers

What's your favourite walk?
Exploring in the woods

What's your favourite thing to do with your human?
Share their food! 

Why did your humans decide to bring you for a photo shoot? 
Because she wanted to remember what a cute puppy I was before I grew too big

What did you think of your photo shoot? What was your favourite bit and why?
It was super tiring but I enjoyed posing. I got lots of treats!

What did your humans think of the portraits / artwork they received?
Loved them!

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