September 30, 2021

If you’ve never had a photo shoot before, it’s perfectly natural to be worried about how it’s going to go and whether your dog will “play ball”. Believe me, I’ve heard so many reasons that people put off capturing those special memories, and I want to reach out and say that it’s completely normal - but I promise there’s nothing to worry about!

Here are some of the most popular things I’ve heard people say - and why you shouldn’t let it stop you:


This is probably the number one worry for anyone who's thinking about booking a photo shoot - what if my dog misbehaves or disgraces himself on the day!

I promise you don't have to worry. There's no such thing as the perfect dog, and as a specialist dog photographer I'm completely aware that it make take some dogs a little longer to suss everything out and relax. It's a whole new experience for them, particularly meeting this weird lady with a big black box-type thing she keeps putting up to her face & making clicking noises.

It doesn't matter if they take a while to settle and get used to things, because we make sure we have plenty of time to go at your dog's pace. Equally, if they're a flight risk, it's no problem to keep them on lead, and I can work a little Photoshop magic afterwards to clone it out and make them look like they were sitting all by themselves (I won't tell if you won't 😉 )


When puppy first arrives, you consider arranging a photo shoot to capture those super cute & cuddly days - but you're worried your pup is far too young for a photo shoot.

The good news is there's no lower age limit for a photo shoot - in fact most of my litter shoots are done at 5-6 weeks old, so by the time pup arrives with you they're definitely old enough to get in front of the camera.

If your pup is coming from a responsible breeder, they'll probably already have started with a few basic cues which will help to encourage them into the right positions for their photos. But if not, don't worry! Just make sure you have heaps of their favourite rewards on hand, and soon puppy will be happily posing - you won't believe how quickly they'll learn that a nice pose equals a yummy treat.

We'll also ensure we have time for plenty of breaks, so that puppy can chill out and relax when they need to. They can even have a little nap - and we just carry on when they're ready.


Whether you’ve got a puppy, a nervous dog or just someone who likes to let everyone know where they’ve been (pun intended!), please don’t worry about your dog peeing on the backdrop or props. If it happens, it happens!

I’ve got some dog-friendly anti-bac so we can clean up if needed, and everything is washed or wiped down between individual photo shoots, so don’t let the risk of a little wee stop you capturing those pawfect moments.


I get it. If you've never had a photo shoot before, you won't know what to expect, and that can be really nerve-wracking. But the good news is my process is designed specifically with you in mind.

Before the photo shoot I'll ask you to fill in an initial questionnaire so that I can find out all about you and your dog - from the special moments or characteristics you want to capture to any health or physical limitations we may need to consider.

You'll also receive my Welcome Pack which is packed full of information about what happens on the day and answer any questions you may have.

And if you've booked a Bespoke Experience, we'll also arrange your Pre-Shoot chat by phone or Zoom so we can go over everything to help you feel comfortable and relaxed about everything, run through the questionnaire you filled in to make sure I understand what you want to achieve and talk over any concerns you may have.

From the moment you book, I'm available at the end of the phone or by email to answer any queries and make sure you're completely happy. So if that burning question is keeping you awake at 2am, drop me an email and I'll get back to you asap (ok, it'll probably be after 9am. I'm not a night owl AT ALL).


Having a photo shoot is an investment. So it's completely understandable that you might be concerned what happens if it's impossible to get a good photo of your dog, because you don't want to spend the money and not get the results you're looking for.

Once of the best ways to ensure you get those gorgeous photos you want to cherish forever is to make sure the photo shoot is a calm and relaxing experience - both for you and your dog!!

If you keep calm, your dog is far more likely to be chilled out, whereas if you’re tense & stressed, your dog will be worrying what’s wrong and is more likely to act up. I also ensure there is plenty of sniffing time so that your dog can suss everything out and be relaxed during the photo shoot.

But sometimes, no matter what we do, the dog just isn’t comfortable. I’ll never push past that point just to get a photo, so we make sure we have plenty of breaks, and if they’re really not happy, we can always reschedule for another time.

There’s also the Love Your Images guarantee, so if for any reason you don’t love your images, we can arrange a complimentary reshoot AND I’ll offer you a product upgrade absolutely free - so there really is nothing to lose!

Are you worried about something I haven’t covered? Drop me an email or comment below and I’ll be happy to talk it over with you!


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