July 29, 2021

Back in Autumn 2020, I ran a casting call for a few dogs to help me test out some new (to me) locations for outdoor photo shoots. One of those dogs was the gorgeous Aston Martini, and on a fresh September morning we met down at Foxton Locks for a wander along the canal.

Well, Aston was an absolute star! Although quite a young boy, he rocked all the poses I asked for and was a dream to photograph. We got a great selection of images and he even got to show me his "best" trick that he was super proud of - as you'll see at the bottom of this blog! 

Aston has kindly answered a few questions to tell you a bit about himself and what he thought of the photo shoot:

How did you originally come to live with your humans?
It was love at first sight, from the first day of my birth, mum human mummy tells me. I was the second born of nine in my litter. My mum and dad are both black. I have two golden sisters, but I am the only golden boy in my litter. My first human mummy calls me Man Cub and says that my birth mum made me specifically for my parents.

What's your favourite toy?
There is nothing better than a ball (or two). Balls are brilliant! The bounce; I can chase them, and I feel comforted holding them in my mouth.

What would your human say is the naughtiest thing you've done?
I am a really good boy! I just can't help myself jumping, even when I am asked not to. I also struggle not to pull fluff out of toys- it's just so productive!!!

What place or walk would you recommend to your doggy friends and why?
I love being in the long grass of a field or Fosse Meadows - the long grass tickles by belly - so much fun! I also love the opportunity to meet other canine friends.

What's your favourite thing to do with your human?
Work on the Agility Field. I love pleasing my hooman. I love jumping. Agility is the best!!

Why did your humans decide to bring you for a photo shoot? 
My humans wanted to try a professional shoot. They heard the photographer was needing models and I am handsome so they thought, "Let's do it!"

What did you think of your photo shoot? What was your favourite bit and why?
I was a little confused about why the photographer was on the grass and I had to sit still. I was a puppy then. I am older now! I liked going to Foxton Locks when it was quiet. It was fun!!

What did your humans think of the portraits / artwork they received?
They hung the photo on the sittingroom wall and are very pleased with how my "Paws On" pose was captured! It's my favourite pose!!

Any other comments
Thank you for the opportunity - you definitely got a photo that we would struggle to get in such high quality!!

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