May 10, 2021

It’s always exciting when there’s a new arrival in the family, particularly when that arrival is cute, cuddly and eight weeks old!

Sherbet is my Mum’s new puppy and got his name because he is a lemon roan cocker spaniel……. My Mum made a joke about sherbet lemons and, well, the name stuck! It’s pretty much a prerequisite that every new puppy in the family gets a photo shoot with me, and Sherbet was no different – he’d only been with Mum a week when we packed up the jeep with mobile studio equipment and headed to her house for his very first photo shoot.

Puppy shoots are great fun, and you never know quite what to expect because so much depends on each individual puppy. Some are curious, some are a little apprehensive, and it’s always important to keep everything nice and relaxed so that puppy can figure everything out in his own time. Don’t forget, at this age he’s had a lot of upheaval, leaving his Mum, littermates and first home, and is probably only just adjusting to being with his new family.

As with any new activity for your puppy, it’s important to make sure the experience is a positive one. That’s why I always allow heaps of time so that puppy can have a good sniff of everything that’s going on and have time to settle and relax.

I also highly recommend you have heaps of treats on hand to encourage puppy and help create that positive reinforcement – usually about three times as many as you think you’ll need is about right.

Luckily Sherbet is a super confident little pup who was more than happy to met new people and have a good chew of his photographer and the camera!

Of course, I had to make the most of a puppy called Sherbet (lemon) – a quick look online found a fabulous retro sweet sign which was promptly ordered and arrived just in time for his shoot. This is definitely one of my favourite shots from the day!

So what did Sherbet think of his first photo shoot? He's kindly answered a few questions to let you know 😉 

How did you originally come to live with your humans?
I was chosen from all of my brothers and sisters. My Hu-Mum didn't want a black and white boy because her last dog was that colour, so she picked me! 

What's your favourite toy?
I love soft toys that I can throw around and I love chasing a ball on a long rope when my mum moves it from side to side.

What would your human say is the naughtiest thing you've done?
I'm a very good boy but I do like walking along the back of the sofa and my mum was worried I would jump off when I was a bit smaller.

What place or walk would you recommend to your doggy friends and why?
I love running around Oaken Grove Park or Ockwells Park on my long line

What's your favourite thing to do with your human?
sleep on her bed !!!!!

Why did your humans decide to bring you for a photo shoot? 
To remember my cuteness as a tiny puppy

What did you think of your photo shoot? What was your favourite bit and why?
I was a bit naughty as I didn't want to sit still, I enjoyed exploring all your equipment and having cuddles
with you

What did your humans think of the portraits / artwork they received?
They are lovely

Any other comments: 
Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to my next puppy shoot and giving you lots of cuddles and
licks xx

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