April 25, 2021

Being back in lockdown meant that photo shoots couldn't take place, so it was back to the archives for the first few months of the IOM competition entries! It's an interesting experience, because having exhausted the back catalogue of images during the lockdowns of 2020, what's left for 2021?

Well, in March, it meant entering images from a couple of casting calls I did in October 2020 to test out some new locations for photo shoots - and I was thrilled to receive two Bronze Awards for them!

The first image is of Honey the cockapoo, who helped me test out a beautiful woodland location in Leicestershire. This particular location is an arboretum, and has a fantastic variety of different trees and other  ferns and foliage, which makes it great as a woodland photo shoot setting.

This image was taken in quite a dark spot in an avenue of trees, so there was quite a bit of post-processing in Photoshop to create the finished image. I also removed a bright clearing in the background, which was drawing the eye away from the subject - one of the things which can lose points in IOM. I absolutely love the final image and was so pleased that it received a Bronze Award.

The second location was completely different! Anyone local will recognise the stunning Normanton church which is located on the shore of Rutland Water and is a famous local landmark. Winnie's shoot took pace on a somewhat stormy morning - in fact we were lucky to avoid the rain - but it was the perfect location to capture this rather regal shot of Winnie looking like lady of the manor! 

It's nice to try something a little different, and this was definitely one of my favourite images from the session - and again, I'm pleased to see it receive another Bronze Award. 


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