February 11, 2021

Last weekend was the annual Awards evening from the Guild of Photographers, and I am thrilled to say that I have been awarded the Photographers Bar for the third year running! 

With Covid restrictions being a factor for most of 2020, it has been much more of a challenge to keep entering every month, and several of the images entered were from the archives, so it's amazing that my work over the year has been recognised in this way. It also shows you shouldn't write off images which don't immediately grab you as potential entries! 

The Pets category was created for the first time in 2019, and I'm pleased that I have been awarded the Bar in both 2019 and 2020 for images which have all been captured for clients in their photo shoots (in that category). 

To gain the Photographers Bar you must enter 3 images in the same category over 8 months of the competition in the same calendar year (24 images), and gain at least 24 points in that category.

Bronze images are worth 2 points, silver 4 points and gold 7 points - so not all images need to score, but the correct number of images must be entered over the 8 months. As I entered for all 10 months of competition, the "best" 8 months are counted towards the Bar. 

Below is a collage of ALL my images scoring Bronze or High Bronze in 2020 - including a few which were entered in the Open and Natural World categories. You can view bigger versions of all my awarded images in the gallery here

From the Guild's website: 
Membership of the 'Photographers Bar' is a unique distinction only awarded to those photographers who have successfully had images assessed by the Guild of Photographers over the course of a year and have attained a score that evidences an exceptional level of professional skill and consistency, throughout that a full year.

The Guild of Photographers is a highly respected association for all photographers, and its competition attracted over 16,000 entries in 2020 – all judged by an expert Panel of Judges each month. Points are allocated to entries and these are then totalled at the end of the year. Those who reach the required threshold are then awarded membership of the 'Photographers Bar'.

Membership of the 'Photographers Bar' is a distinction that is exceedingly difficult to achieve - in fact only about 250 photographers have achieved it in the 7 years since its inception, during which time over 75,000 images will have been entered for assessment by photographers across the UK and from overseas.

Find out more about each month's images:


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