At the end of July I was invited to spend the day with Aylesbury Dog Trainer Debbie from Potter Paws, photographing a selection of her group dog and puppy training classes. 

Potter Paws Dog Training's ethos is that Training is for life, not just for puppies, and they offer group classes and 1-2-1 training to help dogs at all stages of their life as part of your family. Debbie wanted a selection of photos to help illustrate the relaxed, fun atmosphere of her training classes which all take place outdoors in her dedicated training field.

Photographing live classes can be a bit of a challenge as I can't ask people to hold a pose or repeat something, it is very much an exercise in patience and observation as well as timing! 

Debbie and Assistant Trainer Tash run classes side by side in adjacent fields, which are secure and based on private farmland. On the day I visited them, classes included beginner 6-week Puppy classes, Puppy Juniors, Pawsome Pals (weekly dog club), Sniffer Club (sniffer dog training) and Life Skills (general obedience) - so there was a wide range of activities taking place. 

The weather forecast was a bit iffy, but classes take place in most conditions unless it is too hot, or very stormy. We were lucky for most of the day with the weather remaining cloudy with some sunny spells, until the very last class, when it literally threw it down. We were all drenched! 

But all in all it was a great day and I really enjoyed visiting the Potter Paws dog training weekly classes and meeting lots of different dogs! 

Below you can see a selection of photos from the day - none of these are posed and are entirely captured in live classes. As you can tell - puppies find it really interesting when there's a photographer doing stealth crawling, crouching and other stuff at the back of their class! 

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