August 12, 2020

Wall Art. It's a scary thought isn't it, particularly when that's pretty much what you hear from photographers about how you "should" be displaying your photos at home. Bigger is better. Create a statement piece. It all seems to be guiding you towards going big and spending a lot on something that's going to dominate your home. 

Don't get me wrong, I am a big believer in having your photos out on show and visible as part of your daily life. But Wall Art isn't going to be the right choice for everyone, it's going to depend on your circumstances, your home and your own style. 

16 inch Fine Art Mounted Print with Frame Upgrade, displayed in our lounge in our cottage 

We live in what was originally a 17th century farmhouse. The ceilings are low, the walls are 2ft thick, the rooms can be dim - and there literally isn't a straight wall in the house. I love where I live. It's quirky and old - but it's not somewhere that will necessarily suit a massive piece of wall art. Instead, we have lots of smaller paintings dotted around the house - and yes, even one or two of my photographs! 

Keeping your photos visible and part of every day life doesn't necessarily mean you have to go big.  But equally, a basic 6x4 inch print doesn't really cut it when it comes to cherishing the happy memories of your adventures together. Different ways of displaying your favourite moments can be just as meaningful and special, and be a better fit in your home than the traditional choices.

So what are the options?


30 inch Premium Wall Art compared with 6x4 print

Wall Art is the traditional way to display your favourite images, and is ideal when you do want that big statement piece at the centre of your home. It's a versatile option available in three different styles: Premium - a traditional framing option with anti-reflective acrylic; Fine Art - designed to look like an old-style painting which is ideal for studio portraits; and Metallic - for modern, bright artwork. Wall Art is available in 20, 30 and 40 inches on the long edge, and multi-aperture Premium Frames are also available

Summary: big and bold, for when you want to have your favourite image as the centrepiece of your home


The Desk Frame is a compact 10x8 inches, ideal for the office desk or when you want to display your favourite image but don't want anything too big. It's the perfect size to fit on a shelf or mantlepiece, or can even be supplied with wall fittings instead of the free-standing back if you prefer. 

Summary: ideal for adding a personal touch to your home office 


Luxury Show Box with 10x8 inch prints

The Luxury Show Box is a great option if space is at a premium in your house, or you want the flexibility of somethat that can change with your mood. The box itself features a lid with window, combining a beautiful piece of art with easy storage of your favourite prints.

Then, when you fancy a change, simply open the lid and shuffle the top image for a whole new piece of art.  It is available in two print sizes: 10x8 and 11x14 inches, but both are an ideal size for the minimalist home, or as a subtle yet beautiful artwork choice. 

Summary: A stylish piece of artwork with flexibility for when you love lots of images


12 inch Luxury Memory Album

If you're someone that wants a tangible way to remember the good times with your dog, but you don't necessarily need them on display 24/7, a Memory Album could be a great choice for you.  You get the same high quality as with wall art, but in a format that you can keep safe and get out when you want to have a look back along memory lane. Both Memory Album options I offer come with a presentation box, so your album can be kept safe and protected while being stored.

Summary: compact, excellent quality. Ideal for when you don't need or want your photos on display all the time


16 inch Premium Mounted Print, compared with normal 6x4 inch print

Mounted Prints are a good choice as an entry level piece of artwork, and can be displayed on a free-standing wooden easel, giving you flexibility to display them in different places in your home. The 16 inch size on the longest edge is reasonably compact, yet big enough to make the most of your favourite images.

If space is at a premium but you'd really like a piece of wall art, you can choose the Premium or Fine Art Mounted Print with Frame Upgrade, which comes with wall fittings ready to display at home. 

16 inch Fine Art Mounted Print with Frame Upgrade

Summary: a great introductory piece of artwork, with Frame Upgrade available to create wall art where space is limited

The truth is that all of these products are beautiful ways to display your images. The most important thing is to choose the option that's the right fit for you and your home, whatever size that may be. That's why the Viewing & Ordering Session with me is so important - I promise it's not a hard sell or guilt trip into spending more than you want or can afford. 

In fact, there's no need to panic, because I keep all the images I show you indefinitely, and prices are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of your photo shoot. 

Talking through the options with an independent expert like me can help you make the right decision and maybe even consider something you might not have originally thought of. I'll guide you along the way and together we can make sure you only take home the images you absolutely love.

After all, the most important things isn't how you display your images, but that you do. Because your images will make the love, joy and adventures you share last..... forever. 

30 inch Framed Wall Art, displayed on our bedroom wall at home


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