July 16, 2020

Not every home will lend itself to a huge piece of artwork - I know, I live in what was originally a 17th century farmhouse, so it's full of nooks and crannies and none of the walls are straight!! Sometimes you simply don't have room for anything huge, but you still want a beautiful piece of artwork to enjoy in the space you have.

Let me introduce you to the Fine Art Mounted Print with Frame Upgrade:

What is it?
The Fine Art Mounted Print is simply a stunning piece of artwork. Printed on Omega Rag, which is an acid-free, smooth mat 100% cotton rag paper, ideal for studio style portraits, and mounted with a card frame. The overall size is 16 inches on the longest edge.

You also have the option to upgrade the Fine Art Mounted Print to a Framed piece. This is a high quality frame which sets off the artwork perfectly, and is highly recommended.

Why is it special?
The paper used for this print is absolutely stunning and is a lovely matt finish. Combining this with the Frame Upgrade is ideal, as all frames come with anti-reflective acrylic as standard, which is really important this minimises any glare and really accentuates the benefits of the Fine Art paper.

Who is it ideal for?
This is ideal if you don't have a huge amount of space, but you still want a beautiful piece of artwork to treasure. The quality is amazing!

What's included?
Fine Art Mounted Prints are available individually or as a Triple Bundle. They are 16 inches on the longest edge (overall size including mount). The Frame Upgrade can be chosen when you order for one or all of your Fine Art Mounted Prints. The frame width is in addition to the 16 inch Mounted Print size.

Why do I love it?
When I opened this product sample I was completely blown away but how stunning it was. It's the first time I'd used the Omega Rag paper for a finished print (I'd had test prints done before), and it just looks SO amazing!! The Frame Upgrade is absolutely perfect and something I'd really recommend - after all, why invest in a Fine Art Mounted Print and then buy a normal frame which is going to glare and ruin the look of your artwork? In three words, this is Classy, compact and stunningly gorgeous. 

Size vs a 6x4 inch print

Other frames are also available


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