July 10, 2020

The beautiful Miss Prim took part in a mini-shoot day with me back in February 2020, just before all the craziness kicked off in the world! 

Mini shoots are a little different to a normal Pawfect Moments Experience as they have a limited timescale, so they're not right for every dog. Prim had the last spot of the day so there were lots of doggy smells in the room already - but she was a star and took it all in her stride! 

Prim has kindly answered a few questions to tell you a bit about herself and what she thought of the photo shoot:

How did you originally come to live with your humans?
Well....I'm not too sure. I was in a box, very small box with one sister and two brothers. Couldn't see much at all and it was very lumpy and bumpy. I was found in the box by some nice peoples at customs. I then got put in to quarantine, before 2020 made it cool. Then I went to a place with lots of dogs and people in green t-shirts called the Dogs Trust, I thought they liked me but they called me Janice - so maybe not! A lady with fuzzy hair came to see me with two doggies, then I went home with her and now she's my mummy. 

What's your favourite toy?
Hmmmm I like to steals socks but I don't like to play with them. We have a clam ball that mummy puts a treat in then I chase it and find the treat...sometimes I take it back to her...sometimes I don't. I likes to keep her guessing.

What would your human say is the naughtiest thing you've done?
I'm the best girl, I don't really do naughty's. I do eat poops and mum says that's a very dirty habit and we can't have kisses.

What place or walk would you recommend to your doggy friends and why?
We likes lots of places, anywhere I'm with my mummy is the best. I think the beach is my most favourites walk

What's your favourite thing to do with your human?
Cuddle, if she's in bed I like to run and jump on the bed and shove my face in hers. I sing to her every morning and kiss her face because I'm so happy.

What did you think of your photo shoot? What was your favourite bit and why?
It was nice! The lady called Sandie didn't mind me being excited, or sitting on her knee and giving kisses (I didn't eat poop that day) she made some funny sounds at me, which made it very fun!

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