June 15, 2020

Now that lockdown is slowly being relaxed, more and more people will be returning to work and a bit more normality over the coming weeks.  Have you thought about how to make this as easy as possible for your dog? After all, for the past year your dog has been living their BEST life, their humans have been home ALL the time and available for games, cuddles and tummy scratches!

Now, with life returning to something a little more normal, suddenly your dog is going to have to adapt to a world where you’re not there for them all the time. They may have been fine before, but it’s amazing how quickly they get used to having us home!

Here are a few tips to help get them used to not being with you 24/7:

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Create an area that makes them feel happy and secure
This could be a playpen, specific room in your house or even a crate if you use one. Make this area a happy and fun place to be by feeding them here and spending time playing together

Give them fun things to do
Put some fun things in the area - enrichment games, food trails or scatter feeds are some suggestions. Leave the room for a few seconds while they are busy and return to them before they become anxious

Build it up
Gradually increase the time you're out of the room. They'll start choosing to stay where all the FUN stuff is rather than following you

Pop to the shops
Leave them at home for a short time while you pop out to the shops, so that they begin to get used to you going out. You can build this up over the next few weeks by leaving them for a little longer each time.

Speak to a trainer
For many dogs, it will just be a case of getting them used to you leaving them alone for longer periods of time again. However, if your dog doesn't seem to be adjusting to you being back at work, speak to a trainer who can help you with any separation anxiety issues.

Do you have any great tips for helping your dog get used to staying at home? Let me know in the comments!

NB: This blog was put together with advice and support from IMDT Trainer Debbie from Potter Paws Dog Training. It is intended for general information purposes only and does not replace the need for support from a qualified trainer who can tailor advice for your dog's specific needs.


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