April 26, 2020

At the moment we’re all under lockdown, and I don’t know about you, but one of the things that makes it easier is to think about what we have to look forward to once restrictions are eased and we can begin to make plans with friends and family again. My best friend just recently moved to Cornwall, so I’m looking forward to heading down there for a visit!

Dog photography will perhaps be one of the easier types of photo shoot for social distancing, as I normally ask the owner to position the dog, unlike a portrait or newborn photographer who may need to be a bit more “hands-on” with posing.

I do understand you might be concerned about how to stay safe and still be able to capture those special memories – particularly if social distancing advice is still in place.

So how can we ensure safe social distancing during your Pawfect Moments Experience?


Location shoots normally take place in local parks and scenic locations, where it is normally easy to remain a certain distance apart from other people and maintain social distancing. 

Here are a few things we can do to stay safe during a location shoot:

CHOOSE A QUIET TIME – Arranging your photo shoot for a quieter time will help us to maintain social distancing from other people, and will also be better for your dog as there will be fewer distractions

NO STILES & GATES – let’s choose a location where there are few or no stiles and gates to go through, so we don’t need to worry about picking anything up on our hands.

MAINTAIN DISTANCE BETWEEN OURSELVES – It’s not an issue to keep distance between ourselves during your photo shoot, as I always use a 70-200mm lens, which actually means I need to be a fair distance away from you!

KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEAD – It’s good practice at the moment to keep your dog on lead so that we can keep the required distance away from others, and it’s fine to continue to do this during your photo shoot. It is better if we can remove any harnesses and just attach a thin lead to the collar, even if we need to put the harness back on when we move between locations. Then just leave the Photoshop magic to me!


The majority of my Studio Style portraits are taken in clients’ homes, so it’s very likely that it will be a little longer before these are able to resume. It will be very important to be guided by Government guidelines, and I expect that some adjustments will need to be made to adhere to social distancing advice. Both you and I also need to be comfortable about the precautions we put in place, so we’ll discuss these during your Pre-Shoot Consultation (which takes place by phone or Zoom).

There are a few things I do already that will help us to stay safe:

WASHING BACKDROPS – The majority of my backdrops are fabric, and I already wash these between shoots to keep them clean, and to get rid of dog hair. This is partly due to doggy smells – we don’t want the dog being more interested in sniffing and/or marking the backdrops because of all the exciting smells, but keeping them clean is also a great way to prevent the spread of viruses (e.g. things like parvovirus when photographing puppies)

DISINFECTING PROPS – I usually disinfect props on a regular basis, and always before and after litter shoots when puppies can be more at risk. Once Studio Style sessions can be resumed, both props and hard surfaced equipment (e.g. stands, camera, flashes etc) can be disinfected before and after each photo shoot

ONE SHOOT A DAY – I almost always work on a one shoot per day basis because I like to make sure there is plenty of time for your dog to relax and have breaks if needed. Only having one shoot a day (and probably only 1-2 per week) will restrict contact between households and enable everything to be cleaned properly.

Extra precautions may also need to be included depending on the current Government advice at the time of your photo shoot, for example remaining in one room, practising social distancing and wearing face masks where necessary.

I already offer Virtual Viewings for people who are based a little further afield, or where it might not be feasible to meet up for the Viewing & Ordering Session, so it’s no problem at all to arrange this via Zoom (doesn’t it seem like the whole world is on Zoom right now?)

The Grand Reveal is definitely the most exciting part of your Pawfect Moments Experience, when you get to see your images for the very first time! We begin with a slideshow and then go through each image individually, comparing them with others to narrow down your favourites.

For all Virtual Viewings I normally bring along my product samples to the actual photo shoot, so you’ll have had the chance to see these in real life before we get to your viewing. Depending on social distancing measures I may need to ask you not to touch the samples, or to only handle them in specific places which can be easily cleaned without damaging the sample.


Once your artwork arrives, I normally hand-deliver this within a 30 mile radius of my home address. I can drop it off on your doorstep to prevent contact between us if needed by Government guidelines or if you prefer me to.


If you're ready for a location photo shoot, the good news is that bookings are open and shoots are now taking place! There are three booking options for you to choose from: 

- book and pay online by selecting an available date on my booking system – rest assured your booking is fully flexible and can be rescheduled to any other available date if needed

- choose an instalment option and pay over the next few months – then book your date once your experience is paid in full

- purchase a gift voucher and choose your date when you’re ready for later in the year

If you'd rather wait for an At Home Studio Style photo shoot, I’ve currently opened a waiting list for my Pawfect Moments Experience packages, so that you can get your name down now and have something to look forward to - just let me know you’re interested and I’ll be in touch to get you booked in as soon as it’s safe to do so. 

Any questions? Let me know!

This blog was updated on 17th June 2020 to reflect the current situation with shoots now able to take place


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