April 22, 2020

So as everyone knows, the world went a little crazy in March, and this did kind of throw out my plans for IOM! I know, I know, there are bigger priorities, to worry about really, but it did mean I really had no idea what to expect when results day rolled around. 

I'd always planned t0 enter the headshot of Remus in this month's competition, but wasn't expecting to use the others as I usually try to have a little variety in my entries. However, with lockdown in place, I didn't get the opportunity to shoot anything else, and so thought I'd experiment a little & try some new editing techniques. For March I only entered three images in Pets, and didn't enter the Open Category.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I achieved three HIGH Bronze Awards for Remus' portraits! A High Bronze is awarded to images which score 75-79 out of 100 in the Image of the Month competition, and could potentially just be one point off a silver (80 points)

Can you believe this gorgeous boy is just 7 months old in these photos? They were taken as part of his Pawfect Puppy Three Shoot Package, which includes shoots at 10-14 weeks, 6(ish) months and 1 year old.  

Remus' Mum is a dog trainer so he is pretty good at rocking a pose, and he just looks so regal in this headshot that I always knew this was one I was going to enter. 

These two full body shots of Remus were two of my favourite shots as he looks so alert. I tried a new editing technique to get richer colours in the background and I really loved how it turned out! 

I was thrilled to get High Bronzes for these images as although I loved them, you never quite know how the judges will view them, particularly when it's a new style for you.

Remus is quite the character, despite being quite nervous - he has separation anxiety and loves to be close to his hu-Mom. During his photo shoot he was also going through a bit of a fear phase, and wasn't overly keen on me lying on the ground to take his portraits at first - in fact he had to come and check I was ok! 


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