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Feb 08

Five Ways to celebrate Valentines Day with your dog!

Valentines Day is fast approaching – the day of the year when you celebrate with the love of your life…… that’s your dog, right? ?

Here are five ideas for treating your pooch for Valentines Day:

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Some of the best adventures are the ones you share with your dog!

Whether it’s a day out, weekend getaway or longer holiday, there are so many places now that are not just tolerant but actively welcoming to dogs and their humans together. Dogfriendly and The Good Dog Guide are both great resources for finding pet friendly accommodation, restaurants, days out and other pet services in the UK.

But having an adventure with your dog doesn’t have to be a big or expensive trip away – they’ll love just spending time with you in one of their favourite places. When Charlie comes to visit, we enjoy wandering around the footpaths in and around our village. He particularly likes it when we end up near the brook and he can go for a paddle in the water (he’s a big water baby).

What’s your dog’s favourite adventure?

It’s great to have some special pampering time for your dog. Whether that means a bath & brush at home, or a special trip to the groomers, why not spruce up your pooch for Valentines Day. They’ll be brushed and looking beautiful ready for whatever you have planned!

The Dog House Leicester offers a variety of spa packages for your four-legged best friend, depending on their grooming needs. Even better – the salon is located within Roots Farm Shop, so you can enjoy a coffee and cake with your other half while waiting for your dog to finish their pampering appointment.

There’s nothing better than a cosy evening in with the one you love. Grab a takeaway, light the log fire and cuddle up on the sofa with your four-legged friend to watch your favourite doggy movie. Perhaps you’ll enjoy a classic like Lassie or Beethoven, or go for something more modern like A Dog’s Purpose.

What’s your favourite doggy movie?

There’s nothing better than heading out to a cosy pub for a meal, particularly if they welcome dogs. There are some great dog friendly places you can find on the website, but one of my favourites is Foxton Locks Inn. It’s great to have a good walk along the canal, before heading into the pub to warm up and enjoy a good meal – and they even offer a special doggy treat for your canine companion!

What better way to celebrate the love, joy and adventures you share with your dog than to capture those special moments you spend together? This is the perfect time to book your Pawfect Moments Experience - or treat the dog crazy person in your life with a Gift Voucher for Valentines. 

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