January 27, 2020

I am thrilled to say that I have recently been accepted as a Members Ambassador for the Guild of Photographers!

I've been a Guild Member now for just over 3 years, since November 2016. As regular followers of my blog and social media channels will probably know, I regularly enter the Guild's Image of the Month competition and have been awarded Bronze and Silver Awards for my images. 

What you might not know is behind the competitions and "public facing" side of the Guild, is a fantastic community and network of friends, colleagues and suppliers, offering business support, advice and even legal protection (pro membership).

When I first decided to join the Guild, I wasn't a professional photographer. I primarily joined for the Image of the Month competition, as I really liked what I'd read about the robust judging process (particularly that each image is scored on its merits and not compared with others).

What I didn't know was that I would find so much more. 

I've started a business - something I might not have done without the advice and support from the Guild.

I've made an incredible group of friends in my local area who support each other - our Facebook Chat just doesn't stop (I think the record is 48 hours without chat in the last two years)!

I've achieved Qualified Status with the Guild and now working towards my Craftsman - something I would never have even dreamed of 3 years ago.

There is an amazing Facebook group where members are willing to help and encourage people to get involved. Within my first month or so of membership, a post was made in the group asking new people to introduce themselves - so I got out of my comfort zone and did. I'll never forget receiving a private message from one of the Panel Members welcoming me and saying if I needed anything just to reach out to her. That just typifies the friendliness of the Guild.

And I'm not just saying that because it's the association I'm with - I've tried others and never found this same atmosphere.

So when the announcement came that the Guild were introducing Members Ambassadors, I really wanted to give something back.

So what is a Members Ambassador?
When you first join the Guild, it can be scary and you don't quite know how everything works. Now, you'll be assigned a Members Ambassador who will keep in touch with you for the first month or so of membership, a point of contact you can ask any questions and who will help you get the hang of things. It's a completely voluntary role taken on by members

How do Members Ambassadors get allocated?
Generally they will be allocated by genre and by location

What will they help with?
A Members Ambassador will have been a Guild Member for at least a year and have a good working knowledge of the Guild. So they'll be able to point in the right direction to find out about Guild bonuses and what services are available, mentoring and of course the all important IOM competition among other things! 

Why did I decide to help?
Because I have gotten so much out of membership, and I would love to help others experience the same. One of my particular aims is to help people understand the IOM competition better - it is an extremely high standard and sometimes new members get disheartened when they might only score Classified at first. As you'll often hear me say - Classified is 70 points out of 100 - when I was at university the pass mark was 40. That puts it into perspective for me! 

So how can you join?
If you like the sound of the Guild, you are more than welcome to send me a message and ask any questions about it. There are two membership levels, Standard and Pro (which includes business support).

Even better news - you can save 10% off your joining fee if you use my referral link!


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