December 9, 2019

It's always an exciting time when a new puppy joins the family! But Remus' photo shoot was extra special as he  joined my sister's family in July this year. 

Their old boy, Leo, passed away before Christmas last year, and my sister knew she didn't want Dave, her other labrador, to be an only dog for too long, but equally Leo was going to be a hard act to follow as he had been part of the family for such a long time and through so many special memories. 

In the summer, she felt the time was right, and began researching breeders. Remus' breeder was on the short list, and when she visited the litter it was love at first sight!

Remus had his first photo shoot with me when he was about 9.5 weeks old, so had only been home with the family for about 10 days. Everything was new and exciting, especially meeting his new auntie and her camera! 

As you can see, Remus is an absolute star when it comes to posing, and I was thrilled that his portrait was awarded Bronze by the Guild of Photographers. 

I love using chair props as they are great for posing dogs - however, as a mobile photographer it can be a bit tricky as you never quite know how much space there will be for the photo shoot. As Remus' puppy photo shoot took place at my sister's house, I knew there would be room to use the chair, and Remus was quite happy to cuddle up and get comfortable!

Puppy shoots are my absolute favourite because they are so playful - you never know quite what is going to happen! 

I'm also lucky that I get cuddles with Remus as he's my dog nephew - can't wait to see what a beautiful dog he grows up into. Remus will be having more photo shoots as part of his Pawfect Puppy package, charting the first year of his life.

To find out more about the Pawfect Puppy Package, click here.


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