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Dec 07

Product Spotlight: Framed Wall Print Galleries

Perhaps you have a big space at home that needs some artwork to fill it, or perhaps you want to display several images in different locations throughout your home. This product spotlight features something that will fit both options, without compromising on quality.

Let me introduce you to the Framed Wall Print Galleries:

What is it?
A set of three beautiful framed images from your photo shoot which can be displayed together in your home to create your very own gallery of your four-legged best friend, or separately so that each can be enjoyed on its own

Why is it special?
When you decide to capture your special memories, it's not just about having those images on a USB, it's about displaying them proudly in your home. The Wall Print Gallery allows you to do this with the flexibility to suit your home - display them together or individually to enjoy every day.

The Premium option includes Anti-reflective glass, so you don't have to worry about hanging them in the right place to avoid those nasty reflection; while the Fine Art option is a high quality, stylish choice that you won't believe isn't a painting!

Who is it ideal for?
This is ideal if you want several large Wall Frames to display in your home (there's a discount for the gallery compared with buying them individually). It's an ideal centrepiece if you have plenty of space to fill on the walls

What's included?
Three framed Wall Prints in matching frames, chosen from my Standard, Premium or Fine Art options. The standard size options are 3 x 16 inch, 3 x 20 inch, 2 x 16 inch and 1 x 24 inch, and 2 x 20 inch and 1 x 30 inch.

Why do I love it?
I know it can be tough to narrow down the images from your photo shoot to a single choice for your wall art. The gallery option gives you more flexibility to display your top three at home, either as a gallery or in individual locations. 

The frame choices match my single Framed Wall Print options, so you can also add to your collection in future if you wish! 

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