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Nov 16

Meet Joan of Paws Doggie Bags - in 10 Questions!

I'm thrilled to feature Joan from Paws Doggie Bags in my "Meet... in 10 Questions" blog series. Keep reading to find out more about her: 

Joan, Keith & Bert. Photo supplied by Joan from Paws Doggie Bags

Tell us a little about yourself in a few brief sentences
I am married to Keith, we have 5 children between us and 11 grandchildren, we also have 2 black Labradors, Gunner 3 and Bert 5 months. We also have a very elderly cat called Beano. I am a real country girl and love nothing more than walking and training my dogs.

What is your favourite doggy character in a film/book & why?
Well I love K9, the part when Jerry Lee goes through the car wash always makes me laugh out loud. I love how Dooly starts out as a terrible dog owner and Jerry Lee teaches him how to care for him

Share something that not many people know about you
I used to be part of a dragon boat racing team

What is your dream dog breed and why? Do you now or have you previously owned this breed?
I love gun dogs, when I was a little girl my dad hated dogs but my uncle had a golden retriever called Sandy Boy that I just adored. I had a golden retriever called Gemma that helped me raise my children by amusing them endlessly. I am very lucky to own 2 beautiful black Labradors and my puppy is called Bert after my uncle. He always said if he comes back in another life he wanted to come back as my dog.

When did you start your business and what was your inspiration for doing so?
We set up the business in 2012. I had recently adopted a beautiful black Labrador (Alfie) who turned out to have inflammatory bowel disease, luckily for him I have suffered with Crohns disease all my adult life and so instead of taking him back to the kennels I set about getting him well. He couldn't eat any treats that I could buy so I started doing a lot of research and developed a range of biscuits that he could eat.

I now have many regular customers who buy our biscuits because their dog has a sensitive tummy and my products do not make them ill or fat. We adopted Alfie when he was 18 months old and we sadly lost him in July this year. He literally changed my life.

Best piece of advice you have been given
Tomorrow is another day! When you have had a bad day, shake yourself off, get a good nights sleep and start again tomorrow.

What is your favourite local business / shop / restaurant and why?
On special occasions our family love to eat at The Kings Arms in Wing. They produce a lot of their own ingredients and source everything on the menu locally. They don't tolerate dogs they welcome them and so the boys enjoy a night out with us. They even sell our specially made dog's dinners from their bar.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
My business. I used to have a pressured job that involved a lot of travelling and staying away from home. Establishing the business changed my life for the better, all our products are original, our own work, developed by speaking to our customers and listening to what their dogs need. We work really hard to support other local suppliers and businesses and I am really proud of what I have achieved.

What is your perfect day?
A lovely sunny but not too hot day, playing on a beach with my dogs and grandchildren

Tell us a little about your business and why people should use it?
I genuinely believe that if people understood what goes into our products and how they are made (all individually hand cut) how they are tested at a laboratory to ensure they are safe and nutritious and the work that has gone into our DEFRA registration. That we use flour and oats from our local windmill and free range eggs from our local farm and everything possible sourced locally. I don't believe people would want to give their dogs anything else. Our products are low fat and very crunchy and we aim to provide excellent customer service.

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