November 3, 2019

I'm thrilled to feature Anna from the Dog House Leicester in my "Meet... in 10 Questions" blog series. Keep reading to find out more about her: 

Photo supplied by Anna from the Dog House Leicester

Tell us a little about yourself in a few brief sentences
I am one half of The Dog House Leicester! I run it with my friend and business partner Selina. We offer luxury a luxury dog grooming service and are based in the beautiful surroundings of Thorpe Farm in Barkby Thorpe!

What is your favourite doggy character in a film/book & why?
Oooooh this is a difficult one! I love stories about loyal dogs and their amazing partnerships with their owners. Just recently I've read loads of war books about dogs. The one that struck a chord with my was War Dog by Damien Lewis which is about a German Shepherd he rescue from No-Mans land (proper tear jerker!) also Fabulous Finn is a great book about the German Shepherd that was stabbed whilst on duty with his handler PC Dave Wardell....there's a theme here with the German Sheps! Also read Judy; A Dog in a Million and she was the only animal P.O.W in a Japanese camp during WW2!

Share something that not many people know about you
I have an irrational fear of stairs, particularly spiral stairs and ones with holes inbetween them!

What is your dream dog breed and why? Do you now or have you previously owned this breed?
Oooooh again another tough one. I never liked German Shepherd growing up and I was really scared of them...I now have two! I'd love to own a Bracco Italiano or a Spinone, there's just something about them that i love!

When did you start your business and what was your inspiration for doing so?
We've been in business since 2017, we met through a love of grooming and then decided to go into business together over a love of cocktails when we were out one evening! We work really well together!

Best piece of advice you have been given
Oooh we have been given loads of advice! I suppose the best piece of advice is to literally take every opportunity with both hands. If someone offers you an opportunity then do it, else you'll only regret it. Say yes and then work out how afterwards. It's so easy to let the fear of doing something wrong get in the way!

What is your favourite local business / shop / restaurant and why?
Well mine and Prim (my baby GSD's) favourite shop is Inner Wolf at Wistow, I could literally spend every last penny in there, there's so much on offer great food, great advice and lots and lots of doggy goodies!

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Grooming on stage in August at Countryfile Live - Castle Howard, with Jules Hudson and Poppy's Picnic (see what I mean about saying yes to opportunities) and this year getting runner up in the Rural Business Awards - Best Rural Start Up in the Midlands.

What is your perfect day?
A day at an empty beach with my dogs, then for dinner with a good glass of wine!

Tell us a little about your business and why people should use it?
We are a luxury grooming salon, we offer a range of spa packages from puppies to golden oldies. We usually have two groomers to one dog to make the handling more comfortable for the dog, we are a nice quiet salon and we don't have lots of dogs in at the same time. We are in a beautiful location and you can nip for coffee and cake or even lunch in the farm shop whilst your dog is being groomed - what is there not to love! We are friendly and approachable with great reviews, you're more than welcome to stay whilst your dog in being groomed too, we're completely transparent with our service.

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