August 3, 2019

I think of all the products I offer, this is my absolute favourite! It exudes quality and timelessness, a high quality item and a luxurious and stunning way to treasure your favourite image.

Let me introduce you to the Fine Art Framed Wall Print and find out why it's my favourite:

What is it?
Your favourite image printed on beautiful heavyweight Fine Art etching paper with a surface texture, and finished with a satin vanish - an ideal centrepiece for any home

Why is it special?
It exudes quality and style,. The satin finish protects your artwork from UV damage and scratches as well as making it waterproof. You truly won't believe it isn't a painting!

Who is it ideal for?
This is ideal for someone who wants a high quality, signature piece of artwork to form the centrepiece of their home. 

What's included?
Available in 20, 30 and 40 inch wall art.

Why do I love it?
No one can fail to be impressed by this stunning piece of art - as I've said above you won't believe it isn't a painting! 

My sample Fine Art Framed Wall Print is a image of my sister in law's dog and two puppies - when I showed her the finished artwork it literally brought tears to her eyes.

It is quite simply a quality, luxurious product that you will love and will keep your memories close to your heart forever


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