July 20, 2019

The Desk Frame is a beautiful, compact size at 10x8 inches, ideal as an add-on item, a gift, or to display on your shelf if you don't have much space. It is available in a range of Premium Frame Styles to match your centrepiece wall art if you wish.

Let me introduce you to the Desk Frame and why I love it so much.

What is it?
A stunning print presented in a choice of beautiful frame styles, with a strut mount - ideal for your office desk or on the mantlepiece at home 

Why is it special?
Featuring the same frame options as my Premium Wall Art, so you can match your displays on your wall, mantlepiece and office desk if you wish. Excellent quality in a compact size.

Who is it ideal for?
This is ideal if space is limited, if you want a smaller copy of your centrepiece artwork for your office desk or as a gift for a relative.

What's included?
Available as a 10x8 inch frame with strut mount (can also be wall mounted if preferred). Anti-reflective glass is included as standard.

Why do I love it?
Choosing a desk frame lets you take home a beautiful, quality piece of artwork either as a gift or to display on your own office desk or mantlepiece. It will not take up too much space, but still offers high quality, beautiful results for you to treasure forever


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