June 11, 2019

Back in April I travelled to Gloucester to photograph the gorgeous Twybrook Kooikerhondje puppies! 

On a litter shoot I always begin with individual portraits - the "safe" shots - so that I know I have a good portrait of each puppy, before attempting the group shot.

There are no guarantees to get a group portrait as it very much depends on how the puppies are on the day, getting them to the right level of sleepiness to be able to get them into position, and of course snapping the shot at the right moment! 

For this group shot, we managed to get four puppies sleeping beautifully in position, but the fifth would not settle at all. In the end - as the others were beginning to stir - we popped him quickly in place and I shot just two frames.

The puppies were too lively to get them back in position, so this was my only chance to get the group shot - and I didn't know until I got back home and loaded the images onto the computer that I'd got it with the first frame.

I love the challenge of litter shoots (and the opportunity to cuddle some puppies!) and it is great to keep in touch and see how they grow up!

Kooikerhondje are quite a rare breed in the UK but are more common in places like Holland, where they originate. They were originally bred as working dogs to lure ducks, and were popular in the 17th and 18th centuries where they featured in paintings by Rembrandt and Jan Steen.

To find out more about litter shoots OR litter reunions, click here.


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