May 17, 2019

There are so many photographers out there.

Some might specialise in one genre, others might be a "jack of all trades", offering different types of photo shoot on a regular basis. It is SO overwhelming, and you really don't know which way to turn. The prices vary so much too - from people offering free shoots and earning their money from upselling products, to others offering a package price from the outset.

You have some special moments you want to capture, so you want to know you're making the right decision from all the photographers you find on Google.

But there is so much more to choosing your photographer than just choosing the one with the most professional looking website or studio.

Here's the thing: every professional photographer will know how to use a camera, whether they own a studio or are mobile, whether they have an all-singing, all-dancing website or if they're just working off a Facebook page.

Making sure you capture the special memories with your dog is not just about pressing a button.

It's about so much more.

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When you choose a specialist dog photographer, you're choosing a wealth of experience and knowledge, with the skills and techniques that will pretty much guarantee you'll get the beautiful images you want to treasure. They'll understand how dogs behave and what motivates them, and be able to maximise those opportunities to capture all your special moments.

It's about patience.

Some dogs will need more time while they figure out what's going on, to let them relax and be comfortable in the situation. This may take a few moments, or they may need more time to work it all out.

It's about understanding.

Dogs don't realise what's different about the day of your photo shoot, or why they're being asked to do things in a different way. So it may take a few attempts for them to figure out just what you want them to do.

It's about Body Language.

A good dog photographer will understand Canine Body Language, and recognise the signs when your dog isn't happy or needs a break.  Having a happy, relaxed and comfortable dog is a key part of a successful photoshoot, so making sure your dog has plenty of opportunities to take a breather, play or just chill out is essential, and will make it much easier to capture those special moments.

My Pawfect Moments Experience is designed with your dog in mind, to make sure I can get those precious memories you're going to treasure forever.

There is always time.

I rarely arrange more than one Pawfect Moments photo shoot for the same day, so we have plenty of time to relax, take breaks, have a play, and give your dog time to settle, without feeling pressured to keep to a schedule.

There is always understanding.

My Level 2 (VTQ) in Canine Body Language means I can monitor him throughout your photo shoot to make sure all is well.

If your dog isn't happy, we stop - no questions asked. That might mean he just needs a break, or it might mean we have to reschedule.

When you book a photo shoot with me, nothing is more important than your dog's well-being.

You're not in a production line.

With me, you'll get the personalised service you deserve, and the stunning images that you're going to treasure forever.

Are you ready for your #PawfectMoment? Contact me today to find out more. 


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