April 25, 2019

21st April brought with it the results for March's Image of the Month competition with the Guild - yes even though it was a Sunday and even thought it was Easter!

2019 has been a consistent year for me - and to match January and February's results, I got another two Bronzes in March! This means that I've got 6 Bronzes so far this year, and 12 points towards the Photographer's Bar in the Pet category. 

Here are March's Bronze Awards:

This portrait of Pedro is a special one as it was taken as a surprise for his human.

Pedro is actually an Aussie! He had what we believe to be quite a traumatic early life, and was rescued by his human, who had been living in Australia for a few years. When she moved back to Scotland, Pedro came too!

I am thrilled this got awarded Bronze as I just adore the pose, and the pensive look in Pedro's eyes. I wonder what he's thinking?

The second Bronze for March was awarded to the wonderful gorgeousness that is Fleekform Working Springer Spaniels! Every time I photograph these gorgeous dogs I just get amazing shots and that's entirely down to how well these beautiful dogs are trained.

There were no head-swaps, no composites and (as I've been asked) NO SUPERGLUE used in the making of this shot! All six dogs were in position and exactly as seen above. 

This was actually taken at the latest Fleekform litter's first birthday party. In the suitcase we have Tomato, Lottie, Spyro and Lemur, with Mum Holly on the left and Gran Maddi on the right. Tomato and Lemur are from the latest litter (1 year old), with Lottie and Spyro from an earlier litter of the same parentage. 


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