March 30, 2019

Another results day rolled around on 21st March - and I was thrilled to be awarded another two Bronze Awards in the Guild of Photographers' Image of the Month Competition!

Each Bronze Award is worth two points which counts towards being awarded the Photographers' Bar at the end of the year. So with four Bronzes in total so far in the Pet category for 2019, it's a good start towards achieving the Bar at the end of the year (fingers crossed!)

Here are my Bronze Awards for February: 

My first Bronze was for this beautiful portrait or Scruffy - my brother-in-law's Border Terrier - and was taken at new year, not long after she'd had a litter of puppies. I love the pensive look on her face in this shot

My absolute favourite image of Scruffy with her puppies! I was actually just trying to get a photo of the two pups together, but Scruffy decided she'd like a piece of the action and settled herself in front of the backdrop. A little repositioning of the puppies and this was the result! 

I just love this shot and I even had a sample made of it to show clients my Fine Art range.

This image was my third entry for February's IOM competition, and was graded as Classified. I'm sharing it with you because it's important to recognise that not every image gets a Bronze, Silver or Gold - it's really hard to achieve - and sometimes images that we love just don't make the grade.

I do love this image. It's a concept I've been mulling over for a long time, but I've never had the opportunity to find puppies small enough to fit in the teacup (note - it is actually a flower pot!), so I was particularly pleased to capture this back in January.

Don't get me wrong - Classified is a great score (70 points out of 100), but I would have loved to see it get an award!


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