March 26, 2019

I originally began offering the Classic Memory Album  as part of the Twilight Days Memory Package, so that people didn't feel they had to choose between those precious memories as their dog approached the time they'd have to pass over the Rainbow Bridge.

Since then it's proven very popular, so I now offer it on my A La Carte pricelist available to all clients as well. 

Let me introduce you to the Classic Memory Album and why I love it so much.

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What is it?
Beautifully crafted with high quality photographic paper and an attractive leatherette cover available in black, white, tan or grey, this album is hand-made to order in the UK and comes in a stunning presentation box with personalised ribbon.

Why is it special?
It's the ideal option when every memory is one to cherish, but you may not have the space to put them all up on the wall. The Classic Memory Album allows you to keep them all in a beautifully presented format, that you can look through time and again.

Who is it ideal for?
The Classic Memory Album is included in the Twilight Days Memory Session which is designed for older dogs to capture those final special memories, and contains every image from your photo shoot so you don't have to decide which ones to cherish.

It can also be purchased individually with any photo shoot on the A La Carte price-list.

What's included?
Available with 10, 20 or 30 spreads, and in four different colours. Normally includes all images from your photo shoot.

Why do I love it?
It's a great inclusion in the Twilight Days Memory Session, because it means that, at what can be a sad and emotional time, my clients don't need to feel pressured into choosing between their favourite memories - they can take them ALL home in the beautiful Classic Memory Album. 

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