March 25, 2019

It can be really hard to try and take good photos of your dog with your iPhone or Android phone camera. All to often, you can't get your dog to pose right, or he moves just at the wrong moment and you end up with a blurry mess.

 When you photograph your dog from above, the photo you'll get is usually focussed on his head, and you'll get a very small body. This is great for a quirky shot (and I love quirky shots!), but next time try getting down level with your dog. You'll find his head and body are much easier to get in proportion and you can get a really nice shot.

Things to watch out for - your dog will probably think you want a kiss!! It's a good idea to work on a sit/stay with him first, so he knows not to come running over with slobbery puppy kisses the second you crouch down.

Here's a photo of a lovely Westie I met guarding a Scottish Castle. He was completely unphased by visitors and was quite happy for me to take his photo while he made sure no-one sneaked in without him noticing 😉 

Download an app called Snapseed on your phone. It's a great app and very easy to use to allow you to do simple edits on your phone. I use it a lot for various edits - there are presets you can use or you can tweak different things individually.

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