March 15, 2019

I love the Luxury Show Box. It was one of the very first samples I ever got, and is probably in my top 3 favourite products overall! It's stylish and beautiful and is a great way to display your images when space is a consideration, because not everyone has space for a huge centrepiece on their wall.

Let me introduce you to the Luxury Show Box and why I love it so much.

dog photographer market harborough

What is it?
A beautiful handmade Italian leatherette box with a clear display lid, containing 5 prints which are professional mounted, in standard or XL sizes.

Why is it special?
It's a great way to display your favourite image in your home - then, when you fancy a change - just switch the top image for one of your other favourites and have a whole new piece of art for you to enjoy

Who is it ideal for?
It's great if you love ALL your images, but don't have the space for a big centrepiece or gallery on your walls. The Show Box will sit beautifully on your mantlepiece so you can enjoy your artwork even if space is limited.

What's included?
The standard Show Box includes 5 x 10 inch Mounted Prints, and the XL Show Box includes 5 x 14 inch Mounted Prints. There are multiple colour options for the box, as well as optional upgrades to leather and eco leather. You can also add extra prints if you wish

Why do I love it?
 I love this because it is such a versatile piece! It's more than a storage box, it's a piece of artwork all by itself, so even if you don't have space for huge wall art, you can still enjoy something that makes your images feel a little bit special. 

I also love the idea that you can add to your Show Box over time, which makes it the perfect item to be included in the Pawfect Puppy Triple Package, so you can add to your artwork as your puppy grows up! I even do this myself with my sample box - every now and then I'll update the prints so it contains some of my most recent work! 


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