April 7, 2018

I love puppies, and I absolutely love the cuddly craziness of a Litter Shoot! In February, I spent a day photographing the beautiful FleekForm Litter of six springer spaniel Puppies - Martha, Lemur, Safari, Solar, Repeater and Morse. They were absolutely gorgeous and I fell completely in love! 

puppy photography market harborough

For a Litter Shoot there are two goals: individual portraits of each puppy, and getting a group shot. It's far easier to get the group shots while the puppies are asleep, but if I'm lucky we can also get some awake shots. The key thing for a Litter Shoot is patience - it can take time for puppies to run down their batteries and allow me to get the shots I'm looking for - but in the meantime I don't mind having puppy cuddles, hair chewed, toes nibbled and the occasional puppy kisses!

This FleekForm litter were absolutely beautiful and have a fantastic, well-rounded start in life thanks to the experience and care of their breeder. They are exposed to many sounds and experiences during their first ten weeks (including photographers with their cameras and flashes), so they are ready for the big wide world they're going to discover as they leave for their forever homes.

The Litter Shoot is a great option for breeders who want something different for their puppy packs, and the individual and group portraits make a great souvenir for the new puppy owners. 

If you are a breeder interested in a Litter Shoot, please contact me on 07930 337914 or email sandie@sandiepownerphotography.co.uk for more information

puppy photography market harborough


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